Nonprofit Provides Mattresses for Children in Need by Leveraging Cooperative Purchasing

Mar 25, 2024   |   OMNIA Partners

Sleep in Heavenly Peace, an international nonprofit, strives to ensure that “No Kid Sleeps on the Floor in our Town! ®” With over 300 local chapters nationwide, this organization is making sure children have a safe and comfortable place to lay their heads no matter their situation. Their group of volunteers works tirelessly to build, assemble and deliver bunk beds to children and families in need. With continued steady growth, SHP is always looking for more opportunities to expand into other areas to provide for children in need. 

The Problem: Unmet Mattress Demand

As the organization rapidly grew, the team at Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP) didn't know where to begin. They became overwhelmed with vendors wanting to help with resources, however, none were able to meet their inventory demands. A reliable supply of mattresses is critical to the SHP mission, so it was imperative that they find a trustworthy supplier partner that could consistently meet their changing demand. 

The Solution: Cooperative Purchasing Partnership

The SHP team received a recommendation from one of their current OMNIA Partners MRO suppliers to contact a mattress supplier through the cooperative program to explore the possibility of meeting their demand. Once connected with the vendor, SHP ultimately decided to move forward with the partnership due to the pricing, availability, quantity and quality of their products. Utilizing this cooperative contract, SHP was able to save “about 6-7 months from production to delivery.” Though the SHP team is still evaluating financial benefits as they are still actively receiving shipments, the preliminary reports show significant cost savings as well. 

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Continued Partnership with OMNIA Partners

The Sleep in Heavenly Peace team is pleased with the partnership and is currently exploring other products and services they might be able to procure through OMNIA Partners.  

“It is refreshing to work with someone who has our mission at heart; not just someone out to make a dollar.” 

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