OMNIA Partners & OneApp Guarantee

Jun 28, 2023   |   OMNIA Partners

The Landscape

The CDC's Eviction Moratorium placed a temporary order to stop evictions, placing Multifamily Housing organizations in a powerless position to continue normal operations and processes.

When the Moratorium was lifted, properties began to issue eviction notices to those residents who had not arranged satisfactory payment plans. As evictions increased vacancy rates, the properties needed to fill unoccupied units with qualified residents despite residual economic impacts for all involved.

The Challenge

Properties needed help finding potential residents who met all acceptance criteria under their application guidelines.

  • The top indicators of conditional acceptance did not meet 3x the rent in salary and had dings to credit due to missed or late payments during pandemic layoffs.
  • However, screened residents successfully passed background checks, had no prior eviction, and had proof of steady employment

The Solution

OneApp Guarantee was implemented at all properties for current or future use to improve the pool of residents to property managers while decreasing the risk of an unsuccessful rental term. The solution is available as needed at no cost to the property or management company. The setup was simple and easy, requiring only current property lists with onsite contact information.

After properties were enrolled, the onsite staff received training sessions with the OneApp team. The training sessions included introducing the program to potential residents that meet eligibility requirements and submitting a claim in the future if needed.

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OneApp Guarantee and OMNIA Partners have partnered to meet the needs of renters and property managers.OneApp Guarantee offers co-signing services to renters who don't meet requirements, while OMNIA Partners brings procurement and supply chain expertise. Together, they provide streamlined rental processes, expanded tenantoptions, and support for renters to secure their dream homes.