Strategic Partnership Success: How a Craft Retailer Unlocked Significant Savings with Granite and OMNIA Partners

Nov 1, 2023   |   Granite Telecommunications


A prominent large retail store backed by a private equity firm, was facing a critical decision. They were just a week away from signing a new three-year contract with their existing telecom provider when they encountered a unique opportunity that could potentially save them significant costs. OMNIA Partners connected with Granite to provide the large retail store with cost-effective telecom solutions while avoiding the constraints of traditional contracts.


  • Needed to explore alternatives to their existing telecom contract as it was about to expire
  • Looked to reduce costs without committing to another long-term agreement that could limit their flexibility to adopt new technologies in the future.
  • Faced time constraints as their existing tariff pricing was due to increase soon, requiring them to find a new solution swiftly. 
Granite Telecommunications


Granite, in partnership with OMNIA Partners, swiftly responded to the large retail store’s needs. They proposed a solution that involved transitioning their telecom services, including over 2800 lines of local and long-distance services, in just three weeks. The unique aspect of this collaboration was that the transition was completed without any physical changes, downtime, or long-term contracts.

Through the power of partnership, they were able to implement:

  • A Rapid Quoting Process: Granite’s partnership with OMNIA Partners enabled them to provide the large retail store with a competitive quote within a week of initial engagement.
  • Flexible Contracting: Granite offered the large retail store with locations in all 50 states a month-to-month agreement without tying them to a long-term  contract. This approach allowed them to explore new technologies in the future without constraints.
  • Savings Through Wholesale Pricing: Granite leveraged its substantial purchasing power, derived from over hundreds of millions of dollars spending with major telecom providers, to secure wholesale pricing, resulting in significant cost reductions.
  • Speed & Accuracy: The transition was executed swiftly, meeting the tight deadline. Granite’s internal processes ensured that quoted pricing was accurate and aligned with the delivered pricing.
  • Personalized Support: Granite’s sales team provided personalized support and guidance throughout the process, aiding the large retailer in navigating the transition with ease.


The collaboration between the prominent retail store, Granite, and OMNIA Partners yielded impressive results:

  • Cost Savings: Through the immense purchasing power of the OMNIA Partners program, the retail craft store saw significant savings by transitioning to Granite’s telecom solutions without altering their existing services.
  • Contract Flexibility: The month-to-month agreement gave the large retail store the freedom to explore new technologies in the future without contractual limitations.
  • Swift Implementation: The transition of over 2800 lines was completed in a mere three weeks, meeting the major retailer’s deadlines and avoiding tariff price increases.
  • One Pane of Glass: Granite’s services provide streamline billing helping the accounting team of the large retailer to manage easily. 


By combining Granite’s expertise, OMNIA Partners’ purchasing power, and the major retailer’s need for a flexible and cost-effective telecom solution, the partnership achieved remarkable results. The flexibility in contracting, rapid implementation, and substantial savings showcase the potential for businesses to navigate the complex telecom landscape efficiently and successfully.

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