Student Housing Operator Uncovers Cost Efficiency and Savings Through Group Purchasing Partnership

Apr 29, 2024   |   OMNIA Partners

With over two decades of expertise in procuring, developing, and overseeing student housing communities, the University Partners core team possesses a diverse skill set dedicated to delivering top-notch service and sustainability. Their collaborative spirit and competitive edge enable them to act swiftly and capitalize on every potential opportunity. They value strong partnerships and, as effective leaders and attentive listeners, celebrate collective successes. Beyond providing exceptional student living experiences, they also strive to ensure peace of mind for all stakeholders. 

University Partners Quote

The Problem: Water Pump Failure

One of their properties needed three large domestic water pump motors replaced due to age and failure. After getting multiple bids for these motors, just the material alone was not within budget constraints. 

The Solution: Global Industrial’s Contract Through OMNIA Partners 

The University Partners team was introduced to Global Industrial while working with their OMNIA Partners representative to obtain help with their maintenance of large domestic water systems. The representatives at Global Industrial were able to procure OEM replacement equipment and saved the University Partners team 55% on the cost of the motors. The motor installation was seamless and they are no longer having issues with their water pumps.

Since then, they have repeatedly returned to Global Industrial, through OMNIA Partners, for all their needs, including salt for snow & ice all the way to large cabinets & mechanical equipment. The University Partners team values this collaborative relationship because of the outstanding customer service and the pricing that is available.

The Value of Group Purchasing

Stephen Tinsley, the Director of Maintenance at University Partners was asked to describe his experience working with OMNIA Partners, a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO); this is what he said:  

“Sensible Solutions for Cost Efficiency and Savings” 

“Purchasing Power through Strong Networking” 

Partnering with a GPO is one of the most strategic decisions your organization can make. From spend analytics to cost savings to subject matter experts, a GPO is there to walk you through the nitty-gritty of purchasing whether it's your specialty or not. Ready to get started? Contact the OMNIA Partners team or fill out the form below to get in touch with Global Industrial. 

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