TAPCO Offers Hands-Free Pedestrian Crossing and Parking Technology to Fit Virtually Every Application

Aug 19, 2020   |   Traffic & Parking Control Co., Inc. (TAPCO)

A pedestrian crossing system's push button or parking structure's pay station may be touched hundreds or even thousands of times a day — potentially spreading the coronavirus and other viruses and bacteria. 

Through OMNIA Partners, TAPCO offers totally hands-free pedestrian crossing and parking technology to fit virtually every application.

TAPCO Success Story

Thermal Activation for Safer Pedestrian Crossings


Industry-leading FLIR thermal sensors use infrared heat profiles to identify vulnerable road users and activate the system.

The sensors also detect directionality – meaning they activate only when people approach them – and/or presence. Plus, upgrading to thermal activation is simple.

Key Benefits

  • Completely touchless and hands-free activation
  • Works in total darkness, through shadows and in sun glare
  • Versatile functionality with many possible zones and configurations
  • Works with both pedestrians and cyclists
  • No digging or trenching needed
  • Extremely accurate, weatherproof and non-intrusive
  • Programmable via a secure Wi-Fi connection
Pedestrian Crossing

Protecting Pedestrians with Infrared Bollards

If thermal activation isn't the right choice, consider infrared bollards, a cost-effective method for touchless activation.

Vulnerable road users passively trigger systems by passing between bollards placed on either side of the crosswalk. The bollards can be AC-powered, solar-powered or battery-operated.

  • Completely touchless
  • Can determine pedestrian traffic direction
  • Range of up to 20 feet
  • Battery power option requires no in-ground wiring with up to 2 years autonomy

Interested in Touchless Parking?

By recording license plates as cars enter and exit parking structures, license plate recognition (LPR) can increase payment compliance, make identifying violators easier, reduce patrolling costs and create a completely touchless customer experience.

“Monthly parkers absolutely love license plate recognition,” says the Director of Asset Management at Marcus Hotels & Resorts in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. “[LPR] just reads the license plate and the gate pops up.”

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