Texas City Finds Success & Significant Savings through Cooperative Purchasing

Apr 19, 2022   |   The Home Depot Pro

Success Story: Grand Prairie, TX

“I enjoy helping people and solving their problems so they are able to do their jobs more efficiently,” says City of Grand Prairie Facility Service Manager Ray Riedinger.   

“It’s a pleasure to work with other city departments to help them get their jobs completed,” says City of Grand Prairie Purchasing Manager Angi Mize.  

Mize and Riedinger serve their colleagues and the citizens of Grand Prairie, Texas, in the heart of the Mid-Cities, the suburban region between Dallas and Fort Worth. The procurement and facilities departments collaborate to drive efficiencies, agility and innovation from the products and solutions they source and implement throughout their city.  


Working together on city projects often, Mize and Riedinger were recently tasked with modifying a large office space by relocating its doorway. This type of project requires a new doorframe, door, hardware, relocating utilities and all that goes into closing off the existing doorway. With a short amount of time to complete the work, Mize and Riedinger decided to leverage their cooperative purchasing organization, OMNIA Partners, to achieve optimal pricing and service levels. Since the city has a service agreement with supplier partner Home Depot Pro, Riedinger says they were able to get a quote for their project right away so he did not have to worry about time constraints.  

“We knew the estimate was a competitive price and since we have a service agreement in place, we could move faster, get the work started and completed ASAP,” says Ray Riedinger, City of Grand Prairie Facility Service Manager. “Especially with the current supply chain issues and the condition of the service industry, we know it takes longer to complete a project. With this service agreement in place, it allowed us to get this job started rapidly and get the job completed rapidly.” 


With multiple facilities to manage in Grand Prairie and years of work in trades and manufacturing, Riedinger recognizes that Home Depot Pro’s vast capabilities help him streamline his process on projects, which saves him time and resources on top of cost.   

“Home Depot will and has always backed up their quality of work and products,” says Riedinger. “Any deficiencies or issues are handled very quickly and professionally.”  

Solution for Success  

Purchasing Manager Angi Mize has over 32 years of public purchasing experience and emphasizes the significant savings their city is able to see on projects using Home Depot Pro as their supplier partner.  

Click to hear how cooperative purchasing provides Mize with an opportunity to become more agile in her overall purchasing strategy and impact on the agency.   

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About The Home Depot Pro

The Home Depot Pro, through OMNIA Partners, supports state and local government agencies to save you time and money. Our contract makes it easier than ever to get the supplies you need, with access to competitive pricing in top categories such as Paint, Building Materials, Flooring, Plumbing, Electrical, and more. 

As a Pro, you have access to dedicated resources, including in-store support that can work with you directly on your projects to ensure you get the right supplies at the best price. Plus, OMNIA Partners participating agencies receive up to 5% annual rebates on all purchases through the FREE Pro Xtra Program. 

About OMNIA Partners

OMNIA Partners is the largest and most experienced organization in procurement and supply chain management. Covering both the private and public sectors, OMNIA Partners unites industry-leading buying power and world-class suppliers to offer an extensive portfolio of sourcing solutions and partnerships. Learn more about the contracting process here. 

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