Trendway Helps A New Jersey School District Provide the Safest Air Possible

Mar 1, 2021   |  

Jersey City Public Schools, Jersey City, NJ

The Challenge

Help a large school district provide the safest possible environment for their students.

The Solution

AeraMax Pro Air Purifiers offer maximum virus protection for high occupancy facilities.

In August of 2020 when Trendway announced they would begin distributing the Fellowes AeraMax Pro air purifiers, Steve Gerszberg, Principal at Johnson Business Products, didn’t know much about MERV ratings or ACH exchange rates. But he DID know that, while the ongoing pandemic meant people weren’t going to be buying office furniture, they were going to be seeking safer workplace environments. As a 148 year old business, Johnson’s was focused on staying relevant to its customers with the right products and services.

“We rolled up our sleeves and dove in,” said Steve. “We knew we needed to know our stuff, so we took the training seriously” he added. The team also worked closely with Bill Griftner, Director of Architectural Products on the technical aspects of the product and sales cycle.

"As soon as I started learning about AeraMax Pro, I knew it was just the right product for the marketplace” he said.

The hard work paid off when Steve’s team at Johnson Business Products finalized a contract with OMNIA Partners for a substantial AeraMax Pro order with the Jersey City Public School System.

At a Glance

K-12 School System

Jersey City, New Jersey

Johnson Business Products

Air Filtration

Johnson Business Products was one of the first dealers to put in an order for a sample and this proved crucial to its success. “If we can’t demo it, we can’t sell it.”, explained Steve. After setting up initial calls with the decision-making team at Jersey City Public Schools, where Bill Griftner presented the full sales presentation, their interest was piqued.

They wanted to see a full product demo and the team was ready. All the key players and stakeholders were brought into the meeting. They were serious about improving the air quality in their facilities and the safety of their children was of top concern. The JCPS team was impressed with the four-stage filtration process and the PureView™ sensors that allowed them to see the air quality improving.

The next step was to crunch the numbers for a formal proposal. Steve’s team took plans for each school and walked the buildings with the JCPS senior electrician to evaluate the best locations for installation. Bill and the Trendway AP team then helped them figure out how many and what units would be needed as well as filter purchases that would be required throughout the year. When it came time to write up a contract, the team won the deal through utilizing the OMNIA Partners contract which eliminated the need to conduct a formal bid for the purchase.

“As we continue looking forward to pulling out of the crisis the pandemic has created, we know that air quality and the desire for healthier spaces will only intensify”, explained Steve. “The time is right to provide this solution to your customers, especially as the return to work, school and normal life is just around the corner” he concluded. This challenging time is going to end, but the need for clean air is a change that is here to stay.

Watch the video below to hear from Jersey City's Superintendent of Schools, Franklin Walker, as he highlights how Trendway through OMNIA Partners was able to provide air quality safety to students returning to school.