Better Purchasing, Higher NOI with OMNIA Partners

Mar 6, 2024   |   OMNIA Partners

IREMĀ® From the Front Lines Podcast

Episode 5.5 | 3/5/24 release 

Better Purchasing, Higher NOI 

IREMĀ® From the Front Lines Podcast discusses both the day-to-day and unique issues facing real estate managers. In this episode,  Dan Grant, Senior Vice President of Business Development with OMNIA Partners, discusses optimizing property purchasing to improve NOI. 

In this episode, we will uncover: 

  1. The top issues property management face when it comes to purchasing that drive up costs and create inefficiencies.
  2. Challenges or innovations in the supply chain that are on the horizon that could impact property managers.
  3. What spend visibility is and why it's more important than ever.
  4. How can a GPO like OMNIA Partners help owners and operators improve net operating income.