Labor Shortages & Sustainability: Challenges and Solutions for K-12

Oct 3, 2022   |   Georgia-Pacific


In this webinar OMNIA Partners and GP PRO discussed:

  • Current challenges with labor shortages in K-12 facilities.
  • The importance of increasing focus on sustainability.
  • How OMNIA Partners and GP PRO can help you empower productivity and promote environmental stewardship within your education facility.
GP PRO webinar speakers

Q&A Featured Speaker: John Salvador; Director of Sustainability at GP PRO

Q&A Featured Questions:

  • Can OMNIA Partners be utilized in the State of California?
  • Abhi talked about how touchless dispensing can help boost productivity and alleviate some of the impacts of labor shortages.  How does this help with sustainability?
  • If I am interested in utilizing OMNIA Partners and GP products in my school, how can I get started? 
  • What is the first thing you suggest doing to improve labor shortage challenges in your school?
  • Do you have any recommendations for smaller schools that are just getting started on promoting sustainability in school?

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