Revolutionizing Your Purchasing Process in the Current Market

Jul 11, 2023   |   OMNIA Partners

Procurement plays a vital role in every company, yet it's surprising how few invest in their talent and technology. With the ongoing disruptions in the current market and the added pressure of inflation, procurement teams are facing the challenge of defining their "next normal."

In this episode, John Lander, EVP of Sales for OMNIA Partners, joins dynamic co-hosts, Scott Luton and Greg White from Supply Chain Now. Together, they delve into the top three pain points that procurement professionals encounter in today's market. More importantly, they explore how having access to a diverse portfolio of world-class products and services can empower companies to meet their unique supply chain needs.

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A lot of the procurement folks that we're dealing with on a daily basis are wondering, ‘Where am I? What is the new normal? Where should I be?' I think there's a lot of uncertainty in that space.

– John Lander, Executive Vice President at OMNIA Partners