Looking for ways to reduce and more effectively manage your small parcel spend can seem overwhelming with the many moving parts in this category – unique shipping requirements, various service offerings (not to mention those sneaky fees), limited competition and so on.

Understanding the complexities of the industry and the options available to you will be key to deriving value from your program in the next year. In fact, even the most seasoned procurement professionals will be surprised at just how much you could be saving on your small parcel spend by making a few adjustments to your program.

Start optimizing your spend management in this category with the Ultimate Small Parcel Playbook for procurement. The Playbook is full of small parcel best practices, industry insight and expert tips to help you make more informed spend management decisions and maximize value from your program.

In This Playbook

  • Insights into the challenges facing the small parcel industry
  • What procurement needs to know for successful small parcel negotiations
  • How to drive ongoing savings with small parcel audits
  • Implementing tips for implementing your new small parcel strategy