Industry-Leading Subject Matter Expertise

With numerous years of experience in their respective fields, OMNIA Partners’ dedicated subject matter experts (SMEs) are able to identify custom solutions that will work best for your organization's purchasing needs. Our SMEs are passionate and knowledgeable in the fields of furniture, maintenance, repair and operations (MRO), facilities, contingent labor, human resources, IT and telecom, freight and logistics, and food.

By leveraging SME expertise as well as their in-depth knowledge of our solutions, organizations can gain valuable insights and guidance throughout the procurement process, ensuring that you make the most informed decisions and obtain the best possible outcomes. Our SMEs work alongside our members to build optimal solutions that align with your procurement goals, deliver savings and streamline operations across a wide breadth of category offerings.




MRO & Facilities 


IT & Telecom



HR & Contingent Workforce

HR & Contingent Workforce

Freight & Logistics

Freight & Logistics

Build a Tasteful Food Program

Vanessa Perutelli brings a unique background of procurement, sourcing, and program management to the role of dedicated OMNIA Partners category resource and food subject matter expert. With roles in procurement in a university setting as well as GPO food portfolio management, Vanessa recognizes the importance of strong supplier relationships that bring continuous value and exceptional service. 

Vanessa Perutelli

Enhance Your Facilities for Optimal Performance

Bryan Zickafoose has dedicated over 12 years to advancing the value of procurement and supply chain management. Currently as the Managing Director of Facilities Management, he collaborates with procurement and operational leaders to identify strategic areas for cost savings, drive efficiency, and promote best practices.

Strategically Source Your IT Products and Solutions

With over 25 years of experience, Richard McVay has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in information technology and telecom industry. As the Senior Director of the IT/Telecom Vertical, Richard helps members identify cost savings, leverage program options and market trends, and improve upon current programs and strategies. Regardless of the purchasing intricacies, Richard's expertise enables him to guide and advise members towards the most fitting and effective IT approaches.

Richard McVay

Transform Your Space with Furniture and Workspace Solutions

With more than 30 years in the furniture industry, Lisa Merder understands the furniture design and buying process and can help your organization navigate anything from an office chair to a complex new construction build-out. As Vice President of Workspace Solutions, Lisa uses her furniture expertise to help members address their unique requirements with innovative furniture solutions. 

Lisa Merder

Maximize Success with HR and Contingent Workforces Solutions

With more than 20 years of contingent labor and human resources experience, Tim Holland understands the complexities and challenges companies face when it comes to supplier selection and spend management related to HR services. As Senior Director, Contingent Workforce, Tim brings together strategic leaders and our members to educate, lead, and promote best practices. Tim continues to leverage his decades of experience to strategize with members on the right solutions for their Contingent Labor and Human Resources needs, no matter how unique the member goals.

Tim Holland

Navigate Purchasing with Freight & Logistics Expertise

Jackson Jones serves as the SME for Logistics and came to OMNIA Partners after working with dozens of top logistics firms and overseeing the management of various transportation programs. Jones has worked across a variety of functions including information technology, manufacturing, supply chain, and procurement ­-- making him uniquely qualified to advise on a variety of freight and logistics challenges and solutions. Jones now leverages his in-depth expertise on the multiple aspects of transportation management to assist members in developing the most optimal solution for their organization. 

Jackson Jones