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At Accruent, we’re building a more connected future where your people, systems, and data work synergistically to drive informed decision-making, operational excellence, and business growth. As the world’s leading provider of workplace and asset management software for unifying the built environment, our solutions deliver not only the promised results but also illuminate possibilities you couldn’t see before. Coupled with our deep industry expertise and world-class professional services, participating organizations of OMNIA Partners can depend on us to help maximize the investments in your people, assets, and facilities. 

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Available on a competitively solicited and publicly awarded cooperative contract, Accruent provides a multitude of facility management software solutions to educational institutions and state and local municipalities. 

Accruent Products/Services

Accruent is committed to optimizing all stages of real estate, facilities, and asset management, helping you manage your physical resources so that you can fulfill the mission of your organization. With solutions to provide insights across the entire lifecycle, Accruent helps over 10,000 leading organizations worldwide to optimize every aspect of planning and managing their physical resources.

Computerized Maintenance Management System
FAMIS 360 is an integrated facility management platform that serves to help facility professionals increase transparency, cut costs, and improve their productivity in strategic markets like education, public sector, and corporate real estate. FAMIS 360 is designed to optimize maintenance for facility professionals by centralizing crucial information related to:

  • Facility and Asset Maintenance
  • Utilities & Energy Management
  • Key Control
  • Space Planning
  • Predictive Maintenance

Accruent’s FAMIS 360 and VFA solutions are integrated to allow for more cohesive, systemic improvements.

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