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Adaptaspace Consoles provides complete design-based control room solutions for ‘Mission Critical’ 24/7 applications including emergency management, process and system control, traffic management, security and surveillance, dispatching and call-taking, air traffic control as well as training and simulation.

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Adaptaspace Consoles is available through the Region 14 cooperative contract for Control Room Console Solutions.

Workstation Solutions

Adaptaspace Consoles has a long and proven history of responding to the requirements of 24/7 operational facilities, supplying quality and innovation through our console workstation solutions, and complementing control room accessories. Adaptaspace Consoles applies a ‘human-centered’ design approach towards the development of functional and responsive product solutions to the standards of quality, schedule, and performance while keeping costs as low as possible to ensure our customers realize the best value for their investment.

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Marie McGinty
(403) 870-4504