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The right parts where you need them — when you need them. Advance Auto Parts (Advance Professional) is the largest automotive aftermarket supplier with the broadest availability of import and domestic parts. Members of OMNIA Partners can count on Advance Auto Parts to provide quality, professional grade parts for your automotive and fleet needs, no matter what industry you are a part of. We understand that getting The Right Part at the Right Time™ is crucial to your success.

Our promise is simple, but strong: Professional quality parts, service and solutions dedicated to the professional.

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Together OMNIA Partners and Advance Auto Parts offer participants of OMNIA Partners the ultimate auto parts solution to fit every need. Available through the City of Charlotte, this competitively solicited and publicly awarded cooperative contract is available to all public agencies, including state & local government, K-12, and Higher Education institutions. 

City of Charlotte Contract Overview

Advance Auto OMNIA Partners

Prince William County Public Schools Contract Overview

Advance Auto Parts & OMNIA Partners Prince William Schools

Advance Auto Parts Contract Documentation

U.S. Communities, National IPA, & NCPA are wholly-owned subsidiaries of OMNIA Partners, dba OMNIA Partners, Public Sector. All public sector participants already registered with National IPA, U.S. Communities, or NCPA continue to have access to all contracts, with certain exceptions, in the portfolio and do not need to re-register to use a legacy National IPA, legacy U.S. Communities, legacy NCPA, or new OMNIA Partners contract. U.S. Communities, National IPA, and NCPA remain separate legal entities and lead agency contracts completed under each brand are effective and available for use through the contract’s approved term. In the event we believe re-registration is necessary for any reason, OMNIA Partners will let you know.

Automotive Parts & Supplies

City of Charlotte, NC

Contract Number: 2017000280

January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2019
Option to renew for two (2) additional two-year periods through December 31, 2023
RENEWED THROUGH December 31, 2023

Executive Summary

Contract Documents

RFP Documents

Response Evaluation

Automotive Parts & Accessories for Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Vehicles and Related Products & Services

Prince William County Public Schools, VA

Contract Number: R-LD-23013-01

Initial Term: October 5, 2023 through October 31, 2028
Renewal Options: Option to renew for two (2) additional two-year periods through October 31, 2032

Executive Summary

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Response Evaluation

Solicitation Process