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Agati is a family owned team based in the USA of furniture designers, engineers and manufacturers. Agati serves the public through airports, libraries, schools, governement buildings, and healthcare. 

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Agati provides furniture options that give the user the perfect balance of focus, privacy, comfort, and reguge without totally isolating people. 

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Agati Furniture Solutions

Imagine this: You’ve packed up your study materials or home office to head to your local library for a change of pace. But when you arrive, there isn’t a good space for you. The community table is shoulder-to-shoulder with people and laptops, the smaller group tables are all taken up by individuals, leaving you with limited options and no place to really focus.

We’ve all been there before!

Whether someone needs to focus to prepare for an upcoming exam, get a change of scenery to knock out some work for the afternoon, or collaborate with a partner on an important project, it’s important that our spaces can effectively support them.

How can we provide furniture options that give the user the perfect balance of focus, privacy, comfort, and refuge without totally isolating them?

Our solution?

Agati’s industry-leading line of Privacy PODs.

For years, there were limited options when it came to privacy seating. You could either be in what felt like a small closet, cut off from the rest of the world, or work in what felt like a glass fishbowl where you were on display to the world. Neither option provided a great user experience and held significant cost, both financially and in the physical space these solutions required. Our privacy PODs at Agati were designed to fit any space without an extensive construction project. This eye-catching solution communicates the intention and care that provides a strong welcome into the environment you’ve created. You’ll find that the PODs quickly become a fan favorite!

The aesthetic of your space matters. This sets the tone for someone’s experience. Particularly in public spaces, when durability and design are able to come together, you know you’ve found something special. That’s our approach here at Agati.

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Tim Macal, VP of Sales
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