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Available through OMNIA Partners, Alertus enables organizations to disseminate critical information to help protect lives, secure assets, and maintains business continuity. 

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Alertus provides mass notifications available on a national cooperative contract through OMNIA Partners.

For over 20 years, Alertus has enabled organizations to disseminate critical information to help protect lives, secure assets, and maintain business continuity. As a unified mass notification leader for 2,500+ organizations in various industries, Alertus offers a comprehensive and reliable communication solution designed to send intrusive notifications when it matters most.

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A Sample of Alertus’ Solutions:

Alert Beacon®
ADA-compliant wall-mounted, audible-visual notification device that attracts attention with sounders, flashing strobes, and a large text display.

Alertus DesktopTM Notification
Enterprise software solution for overriding computer displays with critical alert messages. Lock screen override, Wake-on-LAN, text-to-speech, and audio files supported.

IP Text-to-Speech (TTS) Self-Amplified Speaker
Standalone, highly intelligible indoor audio that can integrate with existing audible systems. Fully supervised, “plug and play” option for affordable audible coverage.

Outdoor Notification
Innovative outdoor warning solutions featuring TTS technology integrate with existing giant voice systems to notify facilities or wide-areas of an emergency.

Rapid Response Console (RRC)
A sleek, wall-mounted tablet, the RRC allows multiple authorized users to activate the Alertus System through a single point and restricts unauthorized users — avoiding false activations and tampering.

Available Early 2023:

WiFi Panic Button
Alertus’ discreet, pocket-sized WiFi Panic Button empowers staff to get help when and where they need it. Enabled to send location, responders can ensure assistance gets there faster. Available for preorder.



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