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The way we work is always changing. Together, apart, or somewhere in between, our workplaces - like our work behaviors - are evolving. At Allsteel, we work every day to help transform workplaces for the better. It starts with a focus on collaboration, and it starts with putting people at the center of the experience. 

With design methods like Work Geometry, we are bringing a human-centric, research-backed approach to creating the physical and perceived elements of workplaces. 

Offices are for people, and Allsteel's warm modern aesthetic is designed for humans - drawing from organic elements and bringing residential features into the workplace that promote employee wellness, productivity, and retention. We are designing products and workplace solutions for real people and their ambitions. 

At Allsteel, we are designed to do more. 

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Through the cooperative contract with OMNIA Partners, Allsteel offers an adaptable portfolio of seating, systems, casegoods, tables, movable walls and accessories. Allsteel partners with public sector agencies to address their needs for today and tomorrow. Save time and money by utilizing the cooperative contract with Allsteel and OMNIA Partners today!

Allsteel Services

We transform workplaces for the better, in a collaborative and human-centric way, by designing for real people and their ambitions. 

Workplace Advisory Program

Allsteel’s workplace consultants will help you meet your company’s goals and get the most from your workplace. It’s more than simply meeting functional requirements or accommodating technology. It’s about understanding your needs and creating flexible, dynamic work environments that attract, inspire, and retain the most creative and productive employees.

We’ll work with you and your project team to analyze your opportunities and leverage our extensive knowledge to create workplaces that:

• Align with your strategic goals and unique culture

• Support functional requirements as well as traditional and non-traditional workstyles

• Efficiently use space, capital, and other assets

• Are adaptable to change

Once we've developed a unique strategy for your company, we'll help you clearly communicate it to your associates, promoting all the features and benefits of the new environment

Online Corporate Standards

Using Allsteel’s Online Corporate Standards, you can be confident that all your locations will reflect the same aesthetic and overall quality standards. And because the online catalog is linked to our central computer system, product information is accurate and timely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Allsteel makes it easy to get the furniture you need, where and when you need it.

With Online Corporate Standards:

• Furniture standards are customized for you and your business

• Standards enforce consistency across all locations

• Pre-approved products and options expedite decision-making and purchasing

• All purchases are pre-approved with embedded authorization levels

• Ordering information is stored, making subsequent orders more convenient










Architectural Products

Architectural Products



Featured Products

Admix Conference

Introducing the Admix Conference table collection! This inclusive solution seamlessly adapts to evolving workplace needs for collaboration among in-person and remote employees by offering a variety of designs and configuration options to accommodate any workspace. Unlike traditional tables, Admix features open designs that enhance visual appeal and provide telescoping legs that allow additional seating. Admix affords designers the capability to define angles conducive to their spatial layouts, harmonizing with their technological requirements to create tailored office environments.

Watch the video to dive deeper into Admix Conference.

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