Amazon BusinessReshape Buying for Your Organization

Amazon Business helps you reshape buying by combining the selection, convenience, and value you expect from Amazon, with features that transform everyday operations. This online store provides tools to guide users to preferred products, approval workflows, analytics, seller certifications, and flexible account settings. Access hundreds of millions of products from hundreds of thousands of suppliers across multiple product categories like office supplies, IT products, MRO, and more all in one place.

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OMNIA Partners and Amazon Business deliver public agencies cost-saving solutions that simplify procurement and help drive compliance with purchasing requirements through our cooperative contracts.

Amazon Business Cooperative Contracts through OMNIA Partners

Smart Buying with Amazon Business

Shop in the most comprehensive online store for business purchasing. From Breakroom to Office, to those hard-to-find items, you can access millions of business-relevant products from hundreds of thousands of suppliers.

Get Started

Amazon Business customers must be registered as participants of OMNIA Partners in order to use Amazon Business’s publicly solicited contracts. There are no costs, minimum quantity requirements or spend limits with OMNIA Partners or to create an Amazon Business account.

After you've registered with OMNIA Partners, follow these steps:

Step 1. Register for a FREE Amazon Business account
If you already have an Amazon Business account and are registered with OMNIA Partners, please proceed to step 2.

Step 2. Contact us to be connected to complete the contract enrollment.
Once you complete the form, an Amazon Business Customer Advisor will contact you within three business days to complete the registration process. 

Amazon Business

Features and Tools

Amazon Business combines the experience you expect from Amazon, with features that can transform everyday operations. With purchasing features and tools from Amazon Business, you're equipped to do more.

Manage your account
Configure your account to fit your organization. Establish purchasing guidelines for your account and use out-of-the box features to manage users and track spend.

Turn insights into action to help move your organization forward. Create spend reports, configure visual dashboards, and track progress to your spending goals. 

Payment options
Pay the way you want – and let others in your organization use these payment methods for easier tracking and reconciling.

Connect your systems to simplify purchasing. Integrate purchasing systems using punchout. Enable single sign-on (SSO). Simplify reconciliation with detailed transaction data.

Business savings & discounts
Cut costs with discounts on everyday products and supplies available exclusively to business customers. Between business-only pricing, Quantity Discounts, and Progressive Discounts, you can save on over 50 million items.

Tax Exempt Purchasing
Make tax-exempt purchases.

Shipping & delivery
Get FREE shipping on eligible orders over $25. Manage your delivery preferences to receive your orders when it’s most convenient. Consolidate items and receive fewer deliveries.

Purchasing workflow
Consolidate purchases and invoices into a digital system to reduce paperwork and the time you spend tracking workflows.

Mobile app
Make business buying easier with the Amazon Shopping app.

Account Switching
Switch seamlessly between your personal and Amazon Business accounts.

Supplier Analysis
A performance review for your purchasing. We'll help you discover where to cut costs and increase efficiency.

Business Prime

Business Prime members get access to more tools and features to simplify buying, streamline procurement, and help reduce costs. With one Business Prime membership, everyone in your business account automatically gets Business Prime.  Based on a Forrester-developed composite organization, Business Prime members who spend $1.2M yearly on Amazon Business could see 555% ROI over 3 years. Check out the study.

Fast, FREE Business Delivery
Get FREE One-Day Shipping on millions of items. Need it sooner? Choose FREE Same-Day Delivery on eligible orders. Continue to get unlimited FREE Two-Day Shipping on over 100 million items.

Guided Buying
Create policy rules that guide employees to approved products and help prevent procurement violations.

Spend Visibility
Analyze spending patterns for insights that can help inform your budgeting decisions and buying policies.

Optimal Deployment
Achieve optimal visibility and policy settings via your Business Prime features with expert assistance from Amazon Business Professional Services by contacting your customer advisor.

Extended terms for Pay By Invoice
Get 45- or 60-day payment terms with eligible membership plans upon approval.

Amazon WorkDocs
Easily search and collaborate on your business documents including invoices, receipts, and other files from a single, secure location.

Convenient Business Shipping
The things you need, delivered conveniently. Choose your own "Amazon Day" to get eligible orders on the same day each week where available. Or choose Consolidated Shipping on eligible large orders to receive your items in the fewest packages and deliveries.

Free Survey and Analytics Tools
Third party benefit provided by Delighted. Free tools to send surveys to your customers through email, web, SMS, POS kiosk, and other integrated services. Uncover insights that inspire customer loyalty and drive business growth.

Member-Only Offers
Get access to deals and offers just for Business Prime members.