Just Walk Out technology by AmazonDrive operational efficiencies. Elevate the retail experience.

Just Walk Out technology enables retailers to move customers more quickly through their store, increase throughput, extend operating hours, increase selling space. The technology delivers insights to optimize profits while providing an enhanced customer experience.

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Just Walk Out technology by Amazon for Business and Industry, Education, Entertainment and Professional sports venues, Hospitality, and Travel Retail, and other industries can be conveniently purchased through OMNIA. Members of OMNIA can receive special benefits including discounted rates and expedited contracting.

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Shopping Simplified

Just Walk Out technology simplies the shopping experience by removing checkout and helpout customers to get in and out quickly and seamlessly.

How Just Walk Out technology helps drive value for your business

  • Maximize space productivity. Use insights from Just Walk Out Analytics to create more productive planograms and increase revenue opportunities by having the right assortment of products where shoppers want them.
  • Increase throughput. Eliminate the checkout line to move more customers more quickly through the store during surge periods.
  • Optimize operational costs. Expand business hours with partially or fully unattended stores. Enable expanded hours, without the heavy operating costs of traditional retail.
  • Improve shopper loyalty. Provide shoppers with a fast, frictionless, checkout-free shopping experience that encourages repeat customer visits.

Technology engineered for the future of shopping

Computer vision - Specialized ceiling mounted cameras use computer learning to build a shopper’s virtual cart.

Sensor fusion - Shelf sensors and object recognition accurately track what items are picked-up.

RFID application - RFID tags expand product selection to apparel and other soft-goods merchandise.

Merchandising fixtures - A wide range of display and self-serve fixtures supports diversified product assortment.

Entry & exit gates - Dedicated gates maximize customer flow, and support flexible payment methods.

Associate tools - Single point of operations devices, and on-the-job training tools for associates.

Bring Just Walk Out technology to your retail environment

Flexible & scalable

Explore formats designed to support different environments, customer volumes, and operator needs.

Just Walk Out technology Merch Kits with RFID expand the potential for checkout-free technology to clothing, softlines, fan gear, and more.

Wide Application

Just Walk Out technology is improving the shopper experience and retail operations across a range of industries, including healthcare, higher education, sports, and more.

Contact Information

Visit supplier website at www.justwalkout.com.