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Available through OMNIA Partners, AmTab designs, manufactures, and furnishes high-impact learning environments across the country. Our award winning furniture product and world-class design team transforms ordinary sections of the school and turns them into modern, popular, and fun rooms that both students and staff want to be a part of. 

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Available through OMNIA Partners, AmTab designs, manufactures, and furnishes high-impact learning environments across the country. 

Learn about the AmTab Advantages:

· Deluxe Stool Top and Bottom with Two Colors – The AmTab Deluxe stool features a patented design with a unique square steel tube column that effectively eliminates stool spinning, enhances durability by preventing breakages, and simplifies seat installations. With options for both rectangle and round tops and bottoms in two standard colors, this stool offers versatility and style to suit various environments.

· DynaRock Edge – All edges are expertly crafted, featuring permanent bonding with high pressure laminate on both the top and bottom sides to ensure a truly balanced construction. The edges are meticulously sealed and protected with 100% solid polyurethane, guaranteeing a hermetically sealed and moisture-resistant surface that supports anti-microbial cleanliness with effortless daily maintenance.

· Easy Open and Close – The research-based patented high-speed cylinder operating mechanisms are designed for efficiency and reliability, underpinned by cutting-edge engineering. These mechanisms come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, offering unparalleled assurance of their longevity and performance. DynaGrip Glides – The DynaGrip® Glides feature a patented design with a durometer of 70 Shore A, ensuring durable and reliable performance. They incorporate a spring steel mechanism to firmly grasp tubes, along with an internal washer for enhanced steel-to-steel protection.

· ErgoEngage Chairs – AmTab specializes in Biophilic Learning Environments, offering furniture like the ErgoEngage Chair with nature-inspired designs such as Ocean Wave imprints and Honeycomb patterns, aimed at integrating nature into educational settings. The design supports varied seating positions and easy transport.


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