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Available through OMNIA Partners, Aurigo provides cloud-based solutions for organizations to maintain their assets efficiently. 

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Aurigo Masterworks Cloud platform offers owners full lifecycle capital program managment capabilites. Aurigo helps capital program executives make better decisions based on proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. 


Aurigo Masterworks: Aurigo Masterworks helps state agencies, cities, counties, water authorities, airports, and facility owners plan, build, and manage capital assets, infrastructure, and facilities safely and efficiently. Masterworks empowers capital owners to reduce costs, plan with confidence, and maximize the impact of their programs with modern cloud software that is easy to configure and easy to use. It offers the highest levels of security and is FedRAMP and StateRAMP certified.

Aurigo Essentials: Aurigo Essentials helps cities, counties and municipalities ensure every construction project is delivered on time and on budget with an all-in-one cloud solution. It is easy to deploy and easy to use. Essentials is a robust system designed specifically for small to midsize public agencies.

Aurigo Engage: Aurigo Engage is a powerful online public feedback solution that can be used to capture public sentiment during capital planning. It uses artificial intelligence to review and catalog each comment received. Engage helps in project design and determining expected performance by gaining public input at the onset of a program or a project.

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