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Automotus works with cities, airports and fleets to make our communities better places to live. Automotus created curb management solutions to help reduce emissions, congestion and safety hazards to surrounding communities. 

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Automotus has developed first-of-its-kind computer vision technology to help cities, airports, and fleets manage the unprecedented rise in commercial vehicle congestion, emissions, and safety hazards at the curb. 

Their full suite of automated curb management solutions have proven to reduce congestion and emissions by up to 10%; reduce double-parking hazards by 64%; increase parking turnover by 26%; and increase parking revenue by >500%.

Products & Services

Full Suite of Solutions // Automotus offers a full suite of automated curb management solutions that help cities, airports, and fleets reduce congestion, emissions, and safety hazards from commercial vehicles. Their technology fully automates labor-intensive curb operations, including real time multimodal data collection and analysis; payment and invoicing for vehicle (un)loading and parking; enforcement of curb violations; and management of preferred loading zones and discounted rates for commercial EVs.

How the Technology Works // Automotus’ curb management solutions run on cellular-enabled cameras equipped with first-of-its-kind computer vision technology. These cameras are easily mounted on existing infrastructure, such as streetlight poles, in strategically located areas typically referred to as Smart Loading Zones or Zero Emissions Delivery Zones. Each camera (one per zone, which can include up to four parking spaces) captures 30 frames per second to support automated vehicle detection and license plate reading (ALPR), allowing cities to collect real-time curb activity data, enforce violations, and invoice drivers and fleets for the exact amount of time they use the curb. Their technology also allows cities to deploy dynamic rate structures and provide discounted rates for EVs to incentivize commercial EV adoption. Their solutions do not require mobile applications or meters, increasing compliance; minimizing distracted driving; decreasing safety hazards from double-parking; and reducing non tax deductible parking citations for fleet operators.

Full Automation // Full automation supported by computer vision is a defining feature of the Automotus product suite because smart loading zone pilot data historically points to full automation as a critical component of effective curb management and compliance. These pilots demonstrated that adoption rates for competitive parking payment solutions, such as mobile applications and meters, are lower than 9% among commercial drivers – and this does not account for all the commercial drivers from leading delivery operators like UPS and Amazon who are unable to download mobile apps. Additionally, binary occupancy sensor technology located directly on city streets has proven easy to tamper with and limited in its data collection capabilities.

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