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Available through OMNIA Partners, maintain your existing contact center while incorporating new cloud capabilities like digital channels, AI, workflow automation, and more. 

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Avaya provides a wide range of cloud-based communications products, services, and solutions. 

Products & Services

Avaya provides a wide range of cloud-based communications products, services, and solutions, including:

Avaya OneCloud Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)
Avaya solutions are purpose-built to make your customer communications tools as flexible and reliable as possible, allowing you to retain focus on your customers and business while gaining the benefits of a scalable, cost-effective cloud that grows with you.

Avaya OneCloud Private
The Avaya OneCloud Private solution is designed specifically for enterprises seeking a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution enabled for rich-featured unified communications and/or contact center environment without upfront expenses or limitations on capacity. The SaaS platform allows you to take advantage of our years of experiences, expertise, tools, and scale that the global Avaya cloud services organization brings to managing your communications environment.

Avaya OneCloud Private for Government
Avaya OneCloud Private for Government is a FedRAMP based cloud solutions for Unified Communications and Contact Center applications. OneCloud Private for Government is geared toward state and Local Government customers with a need for increased security, such as FedRAMP Moderate. Users on the platform can take advantage of the cloud features such as cost effectiveness, elasticity, scalability, and up-to-date releases, all while not worrying about security or system downtime. Avaya OneCloud Private for Government provides geo redundant data centers located in the United States. Users will have access to a management portal to make Moves, Adds, Changes, and Deletes (MACD) to their UCaaS and CCaaS systems. The web-based management portal will also provide reporting so administers can monitor the platform. With OneCloud Private for Government, Federal customers can migrate their existing on-premises Unified Communications and Contact Center to the FedRAMP cloud.

Avaya Spaces
Avaya Spaces is a Software as a Service (SaaS) team collaboration and meeting application. It seamlessly integrates voice, video, tasks, sharing, and more into one application that can be accessed anywhere. Avaya Spaces can be used on smartphones, laptops, or tablets. It only requires a WebRTC compatible web browser to take advantage of powerful collaboration and meeting features. Avaya Spaces helps working teams self-organize and get work done, even if they are widely distributed in a simple and easy to use all-in-one application.

SENTRY Enhanced Next Generation 911
SENTRY™ NG911 is a next-generation 911 solution that can help organizations provide detailed location information to PSAPs in the event of an emergency and ensure full compliance with Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act. This solution can help enterprise customers keep employees safe regardless of where they are located geographically. NG911 is a modular framework designed to provide the functions needed to solve Enterprise NG (Next Generation) 9-1-1 phone tracking, 9-1-1 call routing, and on-site notification issues. NG911 Emergency Location Management application provides the ability to track IP/SIP endpoints location where required and offers On-Site Notification capability in the event of a 911 emergency call within the location identified in the Locations section.

Avaya Subscription
With Avaya Subscription, customers can now purchase the Right to Use (RTU) of software, access to deploy the latest releases when available, and Avaya’s preferred level of support for a contracted period. Customers will contract for a quantity of users and/or agents and will have access to a stretch allowance of 20% above the committed quantity at no extra fee for the duration of the contract. The subscription is paid for over this fixed-term via ongoing OPEX payments, which may be annual in advance or monthly in advance.

Device as a Service (DaaS)
Avaya Device as a Service is an offer that allows customers to get devices and pay in a monthly/annual billing cycle. Customers can get Avaya’s certified devices and not have the burden of paying large capital expense payments up front. Regardless if you have an on premises, cloud or hybrid architecture, you can take advantage of Avaya’s Device as a Service to pay in an operational expense model. This can be done in 1, 3 or 5-year subscription terms with a wide range of devices.

Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS)
Avaya OneCloud Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) enables our customers and partners to integrate a wide range of features, including Elastic SIP Services, global DID and 800 service, voice notification messaging, and API workflows into a new cloud or even their current communications systems. Simplify processes without complex programming or integrations and get right down to business. Avaya OneCloud CPaaS can be used in support of both cloud and premises solutions and helps to simplify the process and provide more complete customer experiences.

Avaya Value-added Technology, Products, and Services
In addition to the Software as a Service solutions described above, Avaya’s entire catalog is available to NCPA members. The breadth of Avaya’s catalog items enables NCPA members to create tailored on-premise, hybrid, or full cloud SaaS solutions, augment existing solutions, or purchase individual catalog items, on a standalone basis. Avaya catalog examples include, but are not limited to:

• Gateway equipment
• SIP/IP phone sets and endpoints
• Elastic SIP services
• Maintenance and managed services
• Professional services / support services
• Learning services
• And much more…


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