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At Burke, we love play. In fact, it’s our passion, our mission and our business. From new products that keep kids, families and communities moving to play and recreation space designs that bring equity to outdoor spaces, Burke is your one stop place for all things outdoors! 

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Play Moves Us every day and we can’t wait to help you bring the best in play, playgrounds, recreation spaces, outdoor fitness, dog parks, outdoor music and shade to your community through an OMNIA Partners cooperative contract.

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Playgrounds That Move Us

We love play and it moves us to create products that help keep kids and families moving and staying healthy! Check out some of our latest playground products and help bring a higher level of play to your community!

Be inspired by these incredible places and spaces in communities like yours! Play brings people together and having a place to gather, develop and have fun makes communities healthier and happier. Browse this selection of some of our favorite play environments in parks, at schools, as part of community centers and HOAs and be inspired to let play move you!

Burke Fitness

Communities need places and spaces to be outdoors for exercise, socialization and fun! Burke Fitness provides a variety of options for people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels to exercise outdoors together.

Channel your inner ninja with ELEVATE® Fitness Course, use ACTIVATE® Fitness Circuit or INVIGORATE® Dynamic Fitness along a trail or in a circuit to create optimal training opportunities. Outdoor spaces are critical to the physical and mental health of communities and provide ROI that stretches beyond the expected. Higher home values, decreased smoking rates and increased graduation rates are all the result of more community spaces. Add value to your community with Burke Fitness!

Playground & Recreation Design Guides

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