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BELFOR is the world leader in property damage restoration and repair. With locations in over 30 countries, we analyze and restore fire, water and storm damage of every kind and on any scale. We enable organizations to overcome the consequences of damage quickly, smoothly and cost-effectively. We invest every effort in minimizing business interruptions and getting things back to normal as quickly as possible. Because every loss event is different, we treat each case individually. With BELFOR, you always receive a tailor-made service based on a careful analysis of the damage and your needs. 

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As licensed General Contractors, BELFOR has the resources and knowledge to assist you with your restoration and general contracting needs. In all that we do, we remain keenly aware of our responsibility towards our clients, employees and the environment. From simple repairs and remodeling, to total reconstruction or capital improvement projects, BELFOR is able to offer a portfolio of restoration services to real estate organizations nationwide through OMNIA Partners.

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HVAC Restoration & Assessments

DUCTZ through Belfor offers HVAC restoration services for homes and businesses impacted by events such as fire, floods, water damage, or soot. Rather than replacing impacted systems, DUCTZ restores HVAC equipment and ductwork, saving money, time, and reducing environmental impact. Our technicians are highly qualified, trained to EPA and NADCA standards, and utilize before and after photo reports to ensure the job is done right.

DUCTZ can also complete a full assessment of your air handlers, duct system, and rooftop units, developing a specific plan to properly clean and restore your HVAC system. Each of our cleaning processes complies with established standards, keeping your system free of debris and dirt, and preventing costly repairs. These inspections reveal visible contaminants, including microbial growth, debris, construction debris, fire, and smoke damage, drain pan issues, coil damage, and impaction, filter and filter banks, water infiltration, flood or storm damage, and insect or rodent infestation.

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