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BeMotion's LENX is an advanced security platform designed to facilitate efficient communication between citizens and law enforcement agencies, as well as security firms. Its primary objective is to enhance public vigilance against criminal activities, guarantee the safety and well-being of the community, and ensure timely response to all emergencies.

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Available through OMNIA Partners, Be Motion - LENX developed the LENX AI Weapons Detection Platform, to serve as an innovative solution that empowers the public to directly disseminate intelligence in real-time, thereby enhancing overall community safety and security.

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Law Enforcement Network (LENX)


The LENX Platform, conceived as an innovative mobile application, effortlessly links users to both authoritative and security agencies, providing swift emergency assistance without the requirement to dial 911 or endure extended wait times.

LENX operates a widespread network of emergency call centers across the United States, offering nationwide coverage to ensure that help is easily reachable with minimal effort. LENX's commitment to community involvement and pioneering strategies in responding to emergencies enables people to play a crucial role in enhancing public safety.

Dedicated to providing top-tier security solutions, we are proud to lead this monumental shift, re-imagining the essence of emergency response.

LENX Collaboration with MLMPI

The MLMPI School has joined forces with LENX to significantly enhance safety and security across its educational institutions. This collaboration is dedicated to ensuring the protection of students, staff, and their families.

LENX will deploy cutting-edge surveillance and threat detection systems, reinforcing security measures as a top priority. These advanced technologies enable the continuous monitoring of authorized access and swift detection of potential threats such as firearms, smoke, or fire. The integration of LENX's real-time intelligence system is designed to facilitate efficient communication among various emergency response teams.

By incorporating LENX's robust security solutions, the MLMPI Schools aim to elevate safety standards while preserving a non-disruptive learning environment. This strategic partnership reflects MLMPI School's unwavering commitment to fostering a secure and attentive environment for the entire educational community, providing reassurance to everyone involved.


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