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B&H Photo is the source for all your Audio/Visual and IT equipment needs and OMNIA Partners is proud to offer this unique program to help you streamline your purchasing through an easy-to-use portal. We offer contracted, cost effective, and easy purchasing options on the full line of technology products, including photo, video, pro-audio, surveillance, computers, drones and peripherals. Our dedicated team of B2B account representatives dominate through our commitment to service, knowledge of the products we offer, and close partnerships with our vendor partners.

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Audio visual equipment is available on a competitively solicited and publicly awarded cooperative contract from B&H Photo and OMNIA Partners.

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B&H Contract Highlights

  • Over 550,000 technology items from over 7,000 brands!
  • Dedicated account team
  • State-of-the-art automated warehouse, efficient order processing and real-time tracking
  • Same-day shipping available for select items on orders placed before 6 p.m. ET
  • Various payment options including p-cards and purchase orders
  • Technical advice, planning and solutions from experienced professionals

A wide range of the following technology products:

  • Photo, video, pro-audio
  • Surveillance
  • Computers and peripherals
  • Optics
  • Home/mobile electronics

On the B&H/OMNIA Partners Portal, everything is on contract all the time! Click on the "Shop Now" button to view the entire catalog through the Portal and see discounted contracted pricing!

b&h advanced professional services

Advanced Professional Services

  • B2B IT Services are available for time-of-purchase upgrades, device enrollment, kits & customizations, and turnkey solutions
  • Our team of experienced industry pros at The Studio-B&H is available to provide expert technical advice and planning for your streaming media & video production solutions    

For more details and information, contact us about your project via email at b2bITservices@BandH.com

Customer Testimonials

Nick Yugo, Director of Operations - North Star Academy
"Using a cooperative for our B&H solutions certainly helps the compliance aspect and gives us some peace of mind as we work with our finance department and ensure everything is reconciled and accounted for." 

Meryl Levin, Executive Director - Public Montessori School, New Hampshire
“I have had the good fortune to partner with the B&H Team led by Carla Humphreys during this extremely challenging year. As a school leader struggling to provide cost effective 1:1 technology for my students as we were forced into remote and hybrid learning during the pandemic, I turned to the 
B&H/OMNIAPartners contract for their purchasing power. I found that power is rooted in strong customer service ideals. This mimicked the very same experience I had during my first career as a photojournalist, back in the days when B&H was nestled into the crowded 17th street shop in my then home of NYC. It was my go-to place then, and I am so happy to have rediscovered them as my go-to source now. Carla spent the needed time with me to first identify the best products for my needs and budget limitations, and then fought for me (and my order) as we encountered product shortage due to the pandemic. Having her as my ally in this process helped smooth the way through the process of securing technology in this difficult time.“

Timothy F. Taylor, Instructional Technology Supervisor - Shenandoah County Public Schools
“During this pandemic, our school division is relying on quality video and audio equipment to assist our staff and students with creating learning experiences. B&H Photo, Video & Pro Audio has been an important partner in helping us acquire quality products for great pricing. The B&H/OMNIA Partners contract allows us to save time and leverage the power of cooperative purchasing. Our purchases have included video cameras, audio recorders, 360 cameras, podcasting equipment, virtual reality headsets, and other accessories. We are very pleased with B&H's purchasing assistance, customer service, and timely service. Their sales team has done a great job of following up with us after purchases and continues to reach out to see if we have other needs. I highly recommend B&H for quality video and audio products.”

Bob Bradford, Information Technology Director/Data Manager -RSU #20
“RSU #20 is a small school district located along the coast of rural Maine. With COVID-19 measures in place, a need for a large meeting space, and a need to live stream, we needed a sound system for our School Board meetings.Working with the B&H B2B team, they took our input and vision to create a usable solution. We leveraged the B&H/OMNIA Partners contract to easily purchase, at the best price and with required compliance, equipment we required. The B&H B2B team worked with us to address any issues. During these pandemic times of increased/delayed supply chain issues, B&H B2B was able to deliver all of the equipment in a timely fashion: a major accomplishment. The B&H B2B team was always accessible via email, our preferred communications method, and responded quickly to inquiries. In the end, the solution designed and provided by B&H B2B was outstanding. Several School Board members and staff commented on the effectiveness of the solution and how much it improved the meetings.”

Why B&H Photo?

Over 550,000 technology items from over 7000 brands!

B&H is the source for all your Audio/Visual and IT equipment needs and OMNIA Partners is proud to offer this unique program to participants on a competitively solicited, national cooperative contract. We offer contracted, cost effective, and easy purchasing options on the full line of technology products, including photo, video, pro-audio, surveillance, computers, drones and peripherals. Benefits include:

  • With the largest in-stock inventory & state-of-the-art warehouses, most orders ship within 24 hours of your order being processed
  • B&H understands your time constraints and will work with you to expedite the processing of your orders and provide real-time order tracking
  • Our B&H B2B checkout through OMNIA Partners features Purchasing Team controls giving you a streamlined approval process
  • Request pricing reviews for additional savings on quotes over $5,000 prior to placing an order
  • Various payment options including p-cards and purchase orders
  • Dedicated B2B Account Teams
  • Quick Order Processing & Shipping
  • e-Procurement Solutions


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