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For more than 45 years, BI Incorporated has delivered innovative products and services for community corrections agencies supervising individuals on parole, probation, or pretrial release. Our products include a wide range of electronic monitoring systems, enabling agencies to apply the least restrictive or appropriate option to support compliance with conditions of release. By releasing individuals to community supervision with the support of these innovative tools, they are able live in the community, support themselves and their families, and supervising officers understand better how a person is doing in the community.

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Electronic Monitoring Solutions

 BI offers government agencies more than a dozen compliance technologies, including:

  • Wrist- and ankle-worn Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology to enhance compliance
  • Court admissible, transdermal and breath alcohol monitoring devices to test sobriety
  • Radio frequency solutions, ideal for monitoring compliance to curfews and defined locations
  • Mobile app and web-based software solutions designed to enhance supervision
  • An array of monitoring services and administrative support services to meet each agency’s unique needs and budgets


GPS Tracking

BI Incorporated GPS Tracking Image

BI LOC8® XT & BI VeriWatch®

BI LOC8 XT makes it easier than ever for clients to stay charged, connected, and compliant. The low-profile, curved ankle-bracelet design is form-fitting and discrete for clients and provides agencies with detailed information about a client’s movement in the community.

BI VeriWatch, a discreet wrist-worn device, uses GPS and state-of-the-art technology to provide reliable real-time monitoring. Comparable in size to a consumer smartwatch, the device runs on a secure, custom operating system designed for the unique needs and rigors of community supervision.

Mobile Monitoring App

BI Incorporated Mobile Monitoring Image

BI SmartLINK® & BI Mobile®

Agencies use BI SmartLINK to simplify communication with clients and provide them with access to valuable information, so they feel prepared and motivated to comply with their conditions of release. Evolving with the needs of officers and the clients they supervise, BI offers an easy-to-use monitoring app that is downloaded on the client's smartphoneor BI-provided device, BI Mobile®. With tiered program options, the app provides compliance technologies, helpful resources for clients, and secure communication capabilities.

Alcohol Detection

BI Incorporated Alcohol Detection Image


The BI SL3, a lightweight mobile breathalyzer detects the presence of alcohol through a deep lunch breath sample. This pocket-size device enables individuals to discreetly submit Breath Alcohol Content (BrAC) tests from any location with cellular service.

BI TAD combines transdermal alcohol monitoring with radio frequency curfew monitoring. By continuously measuring alcohol content in a client’s perspiration, TAD communicates drinking events to the central monitoring computer. TAD can distinguish drinking events from false positives with 99% statistical accuracy.

Radio Frequency Monitoring

BI Incorporated Radio Frequency Image

BI HomeGuard® 20|20

Radio frequency solutions are ideal for monitoring client compliance to curfews and other defined locations. BI HomeGuard has been the gold standard for radio frequency electronic monitoring for more than 20 years. BI HomeGuard 20|20 offers enhanced technology and features to improve both agency and client experience.


Monitoring Services

Monitoring Operations Image

BI Agency Assist®

BI Agency Assist is a high-touch service option, designed to increase agency coverage and relieve officers of up to 50% of their time spent on administrative tasks. With growing caseloads, centralized data and streamlined case management are vital to keeping communities safe and officers efficient.


Software Services

BI Total Access

BI TotalAccess®
BI TotalAccess is a secure, web-based software that provides agencies with quality case management tools 24/7. A dynamic mobile app, configurable case management services, and predictive analysis make TotalAccess the premiere electronic monitoring software in the industry. From a desktop or mobile device, one login grants instant visibility to all BI products—all to place you in control of client monitoring.


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