Big Truck RentalYour Any Time, Any Way Truck Solution.

Big Truck Rental’s modern approach to fleet management delivers easy and painless solutions for your unique needs. Whether you have rising maintenance costs from an aging fleet or unexpected downtime, Big Truck Rental has the trucks available to get you what you need when you need it to stay on budget.

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With OMNIA Partners and Big Truck Rental, your organization can have immediate access to reliable vehicles without the hassles of time-consuming traditional procurement methods.

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Fleet Management Solutions

From big cities to small towns, Big Truck Rental understands the unique concerns and specific needs of municipalities and government agencies. Their short-term, long-term and rent to purchase programs can help remove the roadblocks that often prevent cities from achieving the end goal of servicing their residents in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Long-Term Rental Plans

For all refuse rental needs of 6 months or longer, Big Truck Rental has you covered. Our long-term garbage rental programs are designed to be flexible, nimble and, most importantly, adaptable to your growing and changing business. From aging fleets to balance sheet flexibility, Big Truck Rental's modern approach to fleet management gives you the nimbleness to grow or shrink your fleet, so you can efficiently operate your business.

Long-term rentals can be a particularly valuable and strategic asset when considering how to manage your fleet and business:

  • Predictable Maintenance Costs
  • Reliable Performance
  • Elimination of Costly, Aging Trucks
  • Lack of New Truck Availability
  • Route Growth & Changes

Complete Fleet

Complete Fleet Garbage Truck Rental Plans

Not enough capital to upgrade your fleet? Consider BTR’s Complete Fleet Rental program. Get access to an immediate fleet upgrade and consistent monthly cost, without the burden of traditional truck-buying headaches.

    How the Program Works 

    1. Immediate Fleet Upgrade

    • Select trucks from Big Truck Rental’s extensive residential or commercial fleet
    • Flex your dedicated fleet up or down to meet volume or business needs
    • Need immediate capital? – Option to have BTR purchase your existing fleet

    2. Focus on Serving Customers

    • Only OEM-recommended preventative maintenance required
    • Trucks will be covered under warranty for duration of program
    • Need maintenance support? – Option to have BTR provide preventative maintenance

    3.  New Fleet Every 18 Months

    • BTR transportation team will coordinate pickup of existing fleet and replace with new trucks
    • Need changes? Option to change the type or brand of truck

    Truck Types

    Front Loaders

    Our front loader garbage trucks are built to take care of business in commercial route applications. They have the functionality and reliability to make your routes easier and more efficient.

    • 40 yard McNeilus Atlantic and Heil Half Pack Bodies
    • Mack and Peterbilt Tandem Axle Chassis
    • 20,000 lb. Front Axle and 46,000 lb. Rear Axle

      Rear Loaders

      The ultimate go-to for flexibility. Known for delivering superior durability and reliability, with the efficiency and lower total cost of ownership.

      • 20 and 25 Yard Heil PT 1000/Durapack 5000 and McNeilus 2010/2511 Bodies
      • Freightliner and Peterbilt Chassis
      • 16,000/20,000 lb. Front Axle & 40,000/46,000 Rear Axle
      • Cart Tipper and Reeving Cylinder

          Side Loaders

          With the industry's most innovative side loader garbage trucks, these trucks exceed expectations and are flexible enough to handle your residential demands and obstacles while offering efficient collection.

          • 28 Yard McNeilus Zero Radius and Heil Python Bodies
          • Peterbilt and Mack Chassis
          • 20,000 lb Front Axle & 46,000 Rear Axle
          • Dual Steer or Right-Hand Drive and Groeneveld Auto Lube System

            Vacuum Trucks

            When you’ve got a big extraction job, you need a big truck. With a powerful pump and reliable chamber, this truck is the go-to vacuum solution for removing and transporting large volumes of material in short amounts of time.

            • 11 Yard Vac-Con Single Engine Machine
            • Freightliner 114SD Chassis

              Roll Offs

              Our extensive fleet of roll-off garbage trucks are ready to tackle natural disaster relief, handle construction and renovation, give an aging fleet a break and take on any project.

              • Galbreath 60,000 lb. Standard Outside Rail Hoist with Auto Tarping System 
              • Conventional Cab Freightliner, Peterbilt, and Mack Chassis
              • 20,000 lb. Front Axle and 46,000 lb. Rear Axles with 20,000 lb. Steerable Drop Axle

                Additional Resources

                Rent-To-Purchase Plans

                Like our garbage trucks? Our rental plans are flexible and built to suit your fleet needs. Need a garbage truck for the short term or long term, but want to leave the door open to purchase the rental unit? With our rent-to-purchase program, we put you in the driver's seat. Select your truck, avoid waits and financing, run your route, and build your equity as you rent. This equity gives you access to a large sum of cash when you need it, without taking on new debt. It also improves your credit score as you make revolving payments on time, month after month!

                Consider the many benefits of garbage truck rent-to-purchase:

                • Balance Sheet Flexibility
                • Build Equity as You Rent
                • Customize Your Truck Specs

                Route Ready Pre-Owned

                Route Ready is redefining North America's late model/low hour waste-collection truck market with our innovative reconditioning process. Formed in 2006 and refined in 2018 as the pre-owned garbage truck division of Big Truck Rental, Route Ready is redefining the used garbage truck market with our innovative reconditioning process that serves the underserved premium low hour/late model refuse truck market.

                When you need a truck to immediately hit the ground running- think route ready. Impeccable quality, flexible terms, exceptional support - that's our promise! Our transparent inspection and reconditioning process provides visibility and security with a fully transferrable OEM extended warranty and our Plus and Premium level vehicles come with an additional 30/60 day operational confidence warranty.