Blink Network

Established in 2009, Blink Charging stands as a global leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment and services. Our significant contributions have propelled the advancement of EV charging infrastructures worldwide, supporting the global shift to EVs.

With over 85,000 charging ports sold, contracted, or deployed in more than 27 countries, our commitment is resolute. Headquartered in Bowie, Maryland, with offices worldwide, we are driven by an expert team of over 600 employees, dedicated to enhancing efficiency, productivity, and output while upholding high standards of quality.  

At Blink, we believe in making EV charging easily accessible and reliable. Through strategic deployment of chargers, we empower EV drivers to embrace EV adoption by installing fast, reliable charging solutions precisely where they are needed. Our mission is clear: to encourage both current and potential EV drivers to confidently embrace EV adoption.  

We thrive in a dynamic state of continuous evolution, transforming energy into innovation for a sustainable future.