BluumRedefining K-12 Education with Strategic Tech Solutions

At Bluum, we go beyond upgrading your tech; we're your allies in crafting an educational future where technology elevates every student's learning experience. From STEM labs and esports arenas to the modern learning environments, we offer the perfect mix of cutting-edge tech and unwavering support, unlocking a realm of possibilities for educators and students alike.

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Available through OMNIA Partners and the Region 14 cooperative contract, Bluum is an all-in-one source for K-12 educational technology needs, including physical and cybersecurity, networking, and beyond. Bluum also supports higher education institutions, government entities, and commercial organizations, across the United States and Canada.

Your Vision, Our Mission

Our Account Executives help you plan your current needs and future aspirations. We're not about pushing products;
we're about crafting tailored solutions that align with your budget and strategic goals.

Our Solutions Include:

  • AV & Device Solutions 
  • Comprehensive Warranties 
  • Seamless Integrations & Project Management 
  • Competitive Buyback Programs 
  • Dedicated Tech Support 
  • Advanced Cybersecurity & Networking 
  • Cutting-edge STEM Labs & Esports 
  • Expert Educational Services 
  • Professional Development 
  • Robust Physical Security Measures 
  • Functional Educational Furniture 


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Why Choose Bluum?

Future-Ready Solutions
Our experts are ready to introduce you to the latest in K-12 tailored innovations, higher ed and government technology, ensuring your decisions pave the way for a brighter future of tomorrow. Dive into advanced technologies that equip your students and faculty with the tools for success!

Cost Efficiency
Our collaborative, expert-driven process seamlessly integrates with your existing setup, ensuring your project stays within budget and on schedule. Stretch your dollars further with smart technology investments guided by our expertise in maximizing value without overspending.

Customized Technology Planning 
From initial design to full integration, we tailor our approach to your space, ensuring every solution perfectly fits your educational environment. Beyond just technology provision and installation, we're committed to enhancing educational achievements with the right tech mix!


Streamlined Process
Save time with our expert-led approach to tech upgrades, from planning to procurement, backed by guidance on grant applications for reduced investment.  From installation including white glove service, troubleshooting and repairs to warranty claims and eventual upgrades, Bluum's end-to-end management services alleviate the administrative burden on school districts, allowing them to focus on educational excellence.

Funding Support
We are here to help you navigate the complex funding landscape AND unlock/uncover additional funding sources so you can stretch every dollar for maximum impact. Bluum’s buyback program provides a cost-effective pathway for updating and maintaining cutting-edge technology in classrooms, ensuring that students and educators always have access to the latest tools without financial strain. 


Building with Bluum

After your technology is installed, we offer district and school level support through Advisory Services and Professional Development to maximize the teaching and learning benefits of your new technology. From seamless setups and complex integrations to extended warranties and a comprehensive buyback program for upgrades, Bluum supports you every step of the way.

Together, we'll break the boundaries of learning.

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