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Bureau Veritas is a global leader in quality assurance, health, safety, and environmental solutions. Recognized and accredited by the largest national and international organizations, and with over 80,000 employees, Bureau Veritas has unparalleled expertise and resources to manage projects requiring a broad range of expertise across vast geographies. Our professionals have extensive experience in educational, residential, commercial, industrial, and other related projects of all sizes and complexities, allowing them to tailor solutions specifically to your needs. 

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Bureau Veritas has extensive resouces and a large pool of licensed and certified experts who are equipped to handle all of your needs. Through the OMNIA Partners contract, nonprofits have these resources readily available. 

On Call Plan Review Solutions

What We Do: 

Whether you are a contractor, architect or construction manager, quality is the goal of any building project. Knowing that their work will stand the test of time and no details were overlooked is what helps builders sleep well at night.

At Bureau Veritas we have developed a team of Construction Quality Assurance professionals whose sole mission is to ensure that every project achieves excellence.

With decades of real-world construction experience, our ICC-certified inspectors provide a second set of highly-trained eyes on every project. We are able to apply lessons learned from thousands of inspections to make sure quality standards are met and costly problems avoided. But we don’t stop there.

Vetted and approved by state and regional agencies and preferred by leading builders in California, you can trust that Bureau Veritas’ Quality Assurance will help you achieve your best work.

Construction Quality Assurance

Bureau Veritas offers QA/QC services for large public, infrastructure, and institutional construction projects in California and throughout the United States. Our team provides project and compliance management services for nonprofits and private sector clients, including federal, state, municipal, transportation, energy and utility providers.

From third-party plan review to quality control inspectors visiting your site, we listen to our clients and work closely to satisfy their needs. Our services include

  • Permitting
  • Plan Review
  • Inspections
  • Code Interpretation
  • Code Adoption and Ordinance Preparation
  • Planning and Zoning Meeting Attendance
  • City Council Meeting Attendance
  • Building Official Duties
  • Permit Tracking and Record Keeping
  • Plan Reviewer, Inspector and Permit Tech Training
  • Budget and Staffing Planning
  • Pre-Design and Pre-Construction Meetings
  • Designer and Builder Training
  • Contractor Licensing
  • Fee Schedule Evaluation and Updates

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Leo DePaola, Vice President of Sales