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You deserve a partner who will help take care of your employees and help them get the most value from their benefits – holistically managing their health and wealth. Our technology and service model is designed to deliver just that. 

At Businessolver, we believe that your employees deserve a personal touch when it comes to managing their health and wealth. We understand the importance of delivering holistic solutions that help them get the most value from their benefits. We ensure that we understand your unique needs and use our technology and services to create a personalized solution just for your organization. Our focus is on building strong partnerships that help our clients not only overcome current obstacles but also navigate future unknowns. Our cutting-edge technology and personalized service model ensures that your employees get the most value from their benefits, while we relieve the burden on your HR team. We're excited about the potential to drive meaningful business outcomes for you and partnering with you on your journey toward success. With Businessolver, it's personal. 


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Cost-effective, configurable, and personalized benefit solutions are top of mind for government and education groups. Our service model is designed to prioritize and deliver all that and more for you and your employees with our market-leading benefits technology and services. 

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About Businessolver

Businessolver supports clients across all market segments; we do not target any one market segment over another. Overall, Businessolver's target client is one with organizational complexities, such as complex benefit structures (multiple locations, business units, varying compensation, and benefit levels), as these clients realize the most significant advantages from Businessolver’s technology and services due to the flexibility of Benefitsolver. The configurability of Businessolver’s system offers a perfect match for organizations with a high degree of complexity. 

Annual enrollment may be the “big event,” but we understand that delivering a successful benefits program means partnering with our clients and delivering technology that supports both administrators and employees every day of the year. 

Your benefits are more than a transaction. Benefitsolver is built to maximize employee understanding and use of all the programs and coverage offered. It is also built to support every facet of benefits management for the important behind-the-scenes work. 

We are your partner to drive your organizational goals while supporting your employees and their families – personalizing their journey based on their unique circumstances. By doing so, we close the engagement and education gap and help ensure your people have the right benefits, at the right time, in the right place. 

Trusts & Associations: Partnership designed to simplify your benefits delivery. 

Accuracy, support, and service are key for multiple employer group insurance plans. As your benefits technology and services partner, we successfully administer multi-member or pooled groups under a single umbrella. 


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