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Carrier offers OMNIA Partners HVAC systems, building controls and lifecycle solutions that optimize uptime and reduce costs all while supporting your building’s efficiency and sustainability goals.

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Carrier is a provider of healthy, safe, sustainable and intelligent building, and cold chain solutions. 

About Carrier

Carrier provides a portfolio of services & solutions that can be customized to fit your building’s unique needs:

  • Carrier equipment, controls and services are designed to deliver and maintain industry-leading performance with less energy and lower environmental impact.
  • Our best-in-class BluEdge® service solution maximizes performance, optimizes your investments and ensures your HVAC system stays up to date.
  • Carrier Rental Systems provides temporary heating, cooling, power needs with 24-7 emergency response teams.

Flexible Service Solutions to Fit Your Needs

With Carrier, you are not just getting the most innovative equipment in the industry, but a trusted partner who can ensure your peace-of-mind over the lifetime of your equipment through our BluEdge service platform.

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We deliver comprehensive solutions across your product lifecycle. Our service offerings include continuous monitoring, predictive maintenance, repairs, modifications and upgrades, spare parts, and rentals. And with a customized BluEdge service plan, you can ensure your equipment’s peak performance and longevity for years to come.

Solutions for Education

Carrier is here to provide HVAC lifecycle management for education environments by delivering an infrastructure that operates reliably and provides energy and operation cost optimization producing a healthy indoor environment.

As a proven, end-to-end HVAC strategic partner for institutions, we are ready to bring innovative solutions across the equipment lifecycle to optimize learning environments. Choosing Carrier means you have access to unparalleled expertise and technologies needed to help achieve desired outcomes that align with your school’s sustainability goals.

Equipment Solutions to Help Improve Your Education Environments

Carrier offers lifecycle solutions through our innovation HVAC equipment, digital solutions and services. Investing in HVAC provides long-term occupant health and safety benefits with building sustainability and operational benefits for your institution. Carrier has the expertise needed to support institutions from project design through installation and maintenance. We are a true end-to-end partner with proven and differentiated technologies.

  • Air-Cooled Chillers use non-ozone depleting refrigerant, are simple to install with excellent efficiency and powerful controls.
  • Water-Cooled Chillers are offered in scroll, screw or centrifugal options with capacities from 16 to 5,500 tons.
  • Air Handling Units provide advanced technology and custom features in streamlined, easy-to-install packages.

Carrier Smart Air Purifier

Create Healthier Spaces With Carrier Air Purifiers

  • Advanced filtration—Our 3-in-1 high-efficiency filter includes a pre-filter for large airborne particles, a high-efficiency (models RMAP-ST, RMAP-XL) or HEPA (models RMAP-SST, RMAP-SXL) filter for fine particles, and a carbon filter for odors and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). In addition, the all-in-one design makes filter replacement easy.
  • Air quality monitoring—Built-in air quality monitor samples incoming air and measures levels of pollution. The easy to read LED screen changes between four colors based on your room’s air quality rating.
  • Set it and forget it—The Smart Auto mode lets the air purifier automatically adjust fan speeds based upon the room’s air quality to efficiently deliver cleaner air.
  • Smart home integration (Wi-Fi models only)—The indoor air quality LED indicator light provides an instant visual of your current air quality. The LED light will change color to indicate air quality status.
  • 360° airflow—A powerful, 18-speed fan with 360-degree airflow pulls polluted air from below and returns cleaner air back into the room in multiple directions.
  • Limited warranty— All Carrier air purifier models are covered by a one-year limited warranty. See warranty certificate at for complete details and restrictions.
Air Purifier

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