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Caterpillar stands at the forefront of construction and mining equipment manufacturing, driving innovation with our heavy machinery and OEM parts. Through our Construction Industries, Resource Industries, and Energy & Transportation segments, we offer a comprehensive range of products and services, including used equipment and construction rentals, supported by our Financial Products segment.

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Leveraging cooperative purchasing agreements through OMNIA Partners, Caterpillar provides governmental heavy machinery and equipment procurement solutions. This partnership facilitates efficient procurement for municipalities, offering the service, parts, rental equipment, and used equipment essential for pavement repair, park maintenance, and land development.

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For nearly a century, Caterpillar Inc. has been instrumental in global development, offering sustainable equipment solutions while aiding in infrastructure projects, road construction, and asphalt maintenance. Our commitment to sustainability and innovation ensures that we meet the evolving needs of our customers, helping them achieve an ideal total cost of ownership for public sector equipment.


Our top priority is safety – demonstrated by our dedication to providing construction equipment with advanced safety features and comprehensive training. This ensures that every Caterpillar machine, from skid steers to excavators to backhoes, operate safely and efficiently.

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It's People that Matter

Caterpillar’s success is driven by our diverse and innovative team, committed to solutions that support public sector procurement partnerships and contribute to building a better world. We work together to create an inclusive culture where people grow, careers blossom and imaginations flourish. The work we do is meaningful, and we attract and retain the best talent.

    Buyers Guide

    Buyers Guide

    Expanded Offerings

      Differentiated solutions built around our customers’ highest priorities. 

      Caterpillar continuously evolves our product lines to address the changing needs of industries and communities worldwide. With a focus on integrating innovative technologies and sustainable practices, we offer a diverse range of heavy machinery, including advanced road building, landscaping, and asphalt maintenance equipment, designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern infrastructure projects.

      Governmental Solutions Magazine

      Discover the impact of Caterpillar’s machinery and service in the public sector through the Governmental Solutions Buyers Guide and Magazine. These publications feature insights into efficient procurement, innovative public sector projects, and Caterpillar’s contribution to entities achieving their goals. Read on to discover valuable strategies for enhancing public operations and impact.

      Building a Better World

      Caterpillar’s vision for building a better world is rooted in our commitment to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic growth. We leverage our expertise and resources to help develop solutions that address the world’s most pressing challenges – such as clean water access, renewable energy, and sustainable infrastructure.

      Our approach emphasizes collaboration with stakeholders to create innovative solutions that ensure the wellbeing of communities and the planer. By focusing on sustainable development, Caterpillar is helping shape a future where progress and environmental health go hand in hand.

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      Social Responsibility

      Caterpillar is deeply involved in global and local initiatives focusing on education, disaster relief, and sustainable community projects. Our efforts, such as Giving Tuesday and Lebanon Explosion Relief, reflect our employees’, dealers’, and customers’ commitment to positive change and community support.

      Making Sustainable Progress Possible

      At Caterpillar, sustainability means innovating for efficiency and reduced environmental impact. We’re dedicated to providing sustainable solutions that enhance productivity while conserving resources, moving the industry forward in sustainable development efforts.

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