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With Cintas & OMNIA Partners, getting your facility Ready for the Workday® is easier than you might think. Cintas Corporation helps more than one million businesses of all types and sizes get ready™ to open their doors with confidence every day by providing a wide range of products and services that enhance their image and help keep their facilities and employees clean, safe and looking their best. With products and services including uniforms, mats, mops, restroom supplies, first aid and safety products, fire extinguishers and testing, and training and compliance courses, Cintas helps customers get Ready for the Workday®.

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Together, Cintas and OMNIA Partners offer residential and commercial real estate companies the ability to purchase world-class facility products and solutions for their unique needs. Interested in learning more? Click the button below. 

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Get your Business Ready for the Workday® with Cintas & OMNIA Partners

Even at your busiest, you can open your doors with confidence knowing Cintas has your business covered with a wide range of products and services that enhance your image and help you keep your facility and employees clean, safe and looking their best. We’ll keep you Ready for the Workday® — so you can keep focusing on your business.

  • UNIFORM RENTAL: With a Cintas uniform rental program, your employees are always ready™ to impress.
  • FACILITY SERVICES: With scheduled service visits, Cintas will help you keep every corner of your facility ready — by restocking your restroom supplies and cleaning chemicals, and delivering fresh mats, mops and towels.
  • FIRST AID & SAFETY: With regularly scheduled visits, we’ll help you keep your first aid cabinets stocked, your personal protective equipment inventoried, your employees trained and your AEDs and eyewash stations ready to go.
  • FIRE PROTECTION: Keep your facilities prepared, assets protected and people safe with the help of Fire Protection services from Cintas.
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