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CityBase works with U.S. cities, counties, and utilities for hassle-free payments and digital services that OMNIA Partners participants can access via kiosk, web, mobile, and point of sale.

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Technology to find, apply, and pay for public services. 

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About CityBase

CityBase makes government and utilities easier for everyone. Our technology helps people find, apply, and pay for public services, and helps staff manage those interactions. More than 100 government agencies, utilities, cities, counties, and public sector institutions use CityBase technology to provide hassle-free payments and digital services to their customers and staff.

CityBase integrates payment functionality, business processes, and communications onto a central, cloud-based platform that consumers can access through the web, mobile, kiosk, and point of sale. Learn more at



Self-Service Kiosk

Give all customers a fast and secure way to pay government and utility bills using cash, check, and card — with up to 24/7 service for walk-in and drive-through bill pay.


​​​​​​Cashiering technology created for city and county governments and utility payment services.

  • Shopping cart - multiple debt types with a single checkout make government payment processing seamless for customers and cashiers
  • Intuitive Cashier Interface - Easier search features, visual cues, and plain language with permissions set by role or location 
  • Real-time integrations - Direct integrations to source systems mean real-time lookups and posting, centralizing all the bills your customers pay 

Web and Mobile Payments

Easy and secure online payments for government and utility bills, with a mobile-optimized user experience. Real-time integrations ensure automatic posting and reconciliation, and let customers set recurring auto-payments

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