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Built on a century-long legacy, CloroxPro is dedicated to providing proven commercial cleaning and disinfecting solutions to protect people and their environments. CloroxPro encompasses professional healthcare, cleaning and specialty offerings. Our wide range of solutions reflect a tradition of research and experience in cleaning, sanitizing and infection prevention for professional environments.

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CloroxPro is dedicated to providing OMNIA Partners members professional and industrial janitorial and sanitation supplies through the group purchasing program. 

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A Smarter and Healthier Clean™

Better Results - CloroxPro specialty products uniquely formulated to tackle the toughest commercial cleaning tasks quickly and effectively.

Efficient Solutions - CloroxPro solutions are designed to maximize efficiency and minimize risk.

Clorox Confidence - Clorox Pro is the #1 brand that consumers trust for disinfecting businesses.

Clorox® Electrostatic Technology

Electrostatic sprayers are advanced application systems – not just solutions in and of themselves. Where other companies only sell one piece of the system (typically the sprayer), CloroxPro offers a comprehensive suite of electrostatic sprayers and chemistries that are paired together to fit the needs of your facility. Backed by the power of Clorox® cleaning and disinfecting solutions, our electrostatic technology portfolio is an innovative approach to treat surfaces in a simpler, more effective way.

Clorox Brands You Trust

Clorox EcoClean™

Clorox EcoClean™ products offer the Clorox standard you know and trust with EPA Safer Choice and Design for the Environment certified ingredients that helps facilities and organizations meet their own sustainability goals. Clorox EcoClean™ Disinfecting Cleaner is a ready-to-use, disinfectant cleaner made with a plant-based active ingredient that kills 99.9% of illness-causing germs in two minutes or less, including cold and flu viruses, SARS-CoV-2, Norovirus, Staph and MRSA.*

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