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With over 155 years in banking, CommercePayments® offers top-tier accounts payable solutions for public sector. Leveraging innovative services, customer-centric focus, and cutting-edge technology, we've become a leader in payables automation. Our cloud-based payment tool seamlessly integrates with your software, offering fraud protection and cost savings.

Unlike larger banks that may lack a personal touch, Commerce Bank combines modern technology with the hands-on approach of a community bank. This blend of technology and personalized service enables us to craft customized payment strategies for our clients. These strategies focus on revenue generation and electronic payments, all streamlined through a simple, one-file cloud-based process.

CommercePayments® solutions are provided by Commerce Bank.

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Available through the cooperative contract with OMNIA Partners, CommercePayments® offers virtual credit card programs, purchasing cards, and payment processing centralization. Nonprofits through OMNIA Partners have access to an exculsive aggregate volume consortium in which card payment volume is combined to strengthen revenue share payouts over time.

About CommercePayments® Solutions

At CommercePayments®, we offer a comprehensive suite of payment solutions designed to streamline your financial operations and enhance revenue generation. From our Payment Hub that centralizes vendor payments and integrates with your ERP, to our customizable AP Card that replaces paper checks with virtual credit card payments, and our Commercial Cards that consolidate purchasing and T&E expenses, we provide cloud-based, user-friendly platforms that require no additional software. Each solution is backed by our inhouse support teams and offers features like fraud oversight, monthly revenue sharing, and increased operational efficiency, all tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

CommercePayments® Payment Hub

Streamline your vendor payments with CommercePayments® Payment Hub, a one-stop solution that integrates seamlessly with your ERP system. This cloud-based portal not only manages all vendor-assigned payment types but also offers a single-file solution for facilitating all payments and creating reconciliation files. Payment Hub enhances your AP team's efficiency by reducing manual tasks, outsourcing payment fraud oversight, and offloading supplier-related queries. Our support teams work with you to optimize and maintain a strategic, revenue-generating payment mix.

CommercePayments® AP Card

Elevate your payment process with the CommercePayments® AP Card, a versatile solution that integrates with your existing accounting system. Designed for customization, the AP Card replaces paper checks with virtual credit card payments, allowing you to earn a monthly revenue share. Available as a stand-alone program or as part of our Payment Hub, this cloud-based portal simplifies payment management without requiring any additional software. Benefit from reduced check expenses and enjoy the convenience of monthly revenue sharing.

CommercePayments® Commercial Cards

Take control of your purchasing and Travel & Entertainment expenses with CommercePayments® Commercial Cards. These cards are designed to improve operational efficiencies, enhance spending control, and ensure compliance. Whether it's streamlining purchasing processes or monitoring T&E expenditures, our Commercial Cards offer a comprehensive solution for managing your business expenses effectively.

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