Con10gency Consulting, LLC.Bleeding Control Kits and Related Hemorrhage Control Products & Services

The Con10gency team is comprised of experts with decades of experience in law enforcement (LE), LE special operations, EMS, fire service, and nursing. All backed by a medical director and our business partner, Vital Enterprises.

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Con10gency Consulting offers bleeding control kits on a competitively solicited, publicly awarded cooperative contract available through OMNIA Partners.

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About US

Con10gency was founded with a very simple mission: Train and equip our clients to prepare for and survive the first ten minutes of an active threat or critical incident. At its most basic our mission is to save lives.

  • Did you know that the average EMS response time is approximately 7 minutes? 14 minutes in a rural area, with some--1 in 10--waiting nearly 30 minutes.
  • Did you know, too, that blood loss can claim a life in less than 5 minutes and less than 2 minutes in some extreme cases?

That's where you come in, the immediate responder--the bystander, the family member, friend, colleague, teacher, or pupil who's truly first on the scene. Our mission is to help bridge that gap in timeline to increase survivability for all.

Who We Are

Contract Includes:

Products and services to provide a bleeding control kit that will meet the requirements of H.B. 496 as well as a complete line of hemorrhage control related products and services to meet the needs and requirements of Participating Public Agencies.

All components within a kit are also noted, including a rescue blanket, EMT shears, trauma dressing, compressed gauze, bleeding control dressing, QuikClot, and tourniquets. Training components are also available.

Contact Information

Norm Voshall
Sales Executive

Richard Smith
President & Chief Consultant

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