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Continental Flooring Company is a nationwide government contractor primarily servicing State and Federal and government agencies throughout the world. We are driven by our customers and our focus of “Get What You Want, When You Want It” is the basis of our business practice. Additionally, we provide expertise in the products and services we offer along with personalized service. Available to participants of OMNIA Partners, our comprehensive cooperative contract provides all the commercial flooring products your agency needs. 

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Contintental Flooring is available on a competitively solicited, publicly awarded cooperative contract through OMNIA Partners. 

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Locating flooring products made in the USA has become a focus of many buyers. To make it easy for you, we have compiled the list below of a few products we offer that are made in the USA.


Continental Flooring Company offers several products that meet government “green” requirements. Our ability to provide products from all manufacturers gives you the benefit of the best available cost for recycled and environmentally friendly products.

Other recycled products Continental Flooring Company offers from many manufacturers include:

  • PET Carpet – carpet fibers recycled from soda bottles
  • Carpet Backings – reused and recycled materials
  • Carpet Cushion – 100% recycled materials
  • Ceiling Tile – recycled materials
  • Cove Base – recycled and reused materials
  • Porcelain Tile – recycled glass
  • Rubber Floor Matting & Tile – recycled materials
  • Solid Vinyl Tile – recycled and reused materials
  • And others…

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