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CORE Construction, founded in Illinois over 75 years ago, is a leading national Construction Management, Design-Build and General Contracting firm. As a full-service construction company, CORE successfully provides a variety of contracting services to participants of OMNIA Partners. CORE has distinct departments for Pre-Construction, Construction Management, Design-Build, and Warranty enabling the company to closely monitor projects from inception through the life of the project. 

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CORE Construction is a leading national Construction Management, Design-Build, and General Contracting firm with offices in multiple states and a history going back to 1937. Together, CORE Construction and OMNIA Partners help you save time and money on all of your Job Order Contracting (JOC) needs.

CORE Construction and OMNIA Partners

What is Job Order Contracting (JOC)?

Job Order Contracting (JOC) is a project delivery method utilized by clients to procure numerous, commonly encountered construction needs quickly and easily for a wide variety of renovations, repairs and construction projects under one contract.

Why Consider JOC?
By using this qualification-based delivery method to procure construction services, you can drastically cut down on the cost, time, and inefficiencies inherent to small, fast-track construction projects. Emergency repairs, facility maintenance, and other high priority construction needs can be completed, from the moment the need is recognized in less time than it traditionally would take to even hire a contractor. Additionally, you are able to hire larger contracting firms that have the resources and industry-leading tools that come with being one of the largest builders in the nation for their smaller projects.

CORE provides the client the “Best of Both Worlds” by having a local presence with employees with roots in your communities, while having the resources of a leading, national contractor. We take great pride in serving our clients and stand behind our belief that “The Client Decides.”

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Dave Wilson
National Director of Job Order Contracting