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The smarter way to pay. Our full suite of solutions—ranging from corporate payment cards to domestic and international payment automation—empowers companies to reduce back-end complexities and scale. Our commercial card and expense management solutions help teams simplify their card programs, optimize their rebates, and easily track expenses. 

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Corpay offers a cooperative contract in the Public Sector through OMNIA Partners on Fuel Card Services & Related Products suitable for your needs. View the contract below for more details.

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Mission: Creating better ways for businesses and partners to pay their expenses.

Vision: Every payment digital, every purchase controlled, every decision informed.

Values: FLEETCOR’s culture reflects our history of rapid growth and our continued drive for results. Our entrepreneurial spirit remains strong across our global workforce, and we reinforce these principles in our five core values of Innovation, Execution, Integrity, People, and Collaboration. 

The FLEETCOR portfolio of brands helps companies and public sector organizations automate, secure, digitize, and control payments on behalf of their employees and suppliers.  The firm’s solutions include fuel (fleet) cards, purchasing cards (“P-cards”) that include corporate cards for travel & entertainment, E-Payables (virtual cards), tolls, and lodging.

FLEETCOR is one of the largest fintech payment companies in the world, processing billions of transactions each year in over 80 countries.

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Does the complexity of managing a government or public sector fleet while monitoring compliance and documentation keep you up at night?

 Do tight budgets keep you and your fleet under scrutiny for every penny spent?

 Are you looking for a way to track expenses and reduce administrative hassles?

If you answered “Yes” to one or more of these questions, the Fuelman proprietary fleet card includes a special program just for fleets like yours. Developed with municipal, government, and other tax-exempt fleets in mind, the Fuelman Public Sector card offers all of these benefits and more:

Fuelman Network:  Enjoy the convenience of acceptance at 50,000+ stations nationwide in the Fuelman Network. Drivers can use the mobile app to quickly find locations.

Card Security Controls:  Advanced card technology provides customizable controls to meet your needs – like the ability to create and manage driver and/or vehicle profiles and turn cards on or off in real time from your account dashboard.

Fraud Management Solutions:  Reduce the risk of fraud and misuse with Fuelman’s advanced technology. All transactions are evaluated in real-time by a robust fraud management system.



FLEETCOR and its subsidiary Comdata has been a pioneer in the fleet card business, dating back to 1969. The original Fuelman card was one of the first fuel cards offered in the U.S., serving local fleets since 1985.

FLEETCOR’s innovative card products help businesses control spending, eliminate reimbursement hassles, and simplify record keeping, while discouraging fraud and empowering employees. We offer a portfolio of cards that meet the needs of organizations of all sizes and business types. For public sector and tax-exempt fleets, our card programs include unique pricing options that provide tremendous savings or rebates, as well as cards featuring specialized controls and tax reporting tools.

Our payroll and employee reimbursement options include not only payroll and virtual cards, but also multi-card Mastercard programs with cash wallet features.


In addition to shaping the development and adoption of the fuel card industry, FLEETCOR is at the forefront of technology in the E-Payables arena, setting the standard for the future of business payments with innovative products, sophisticated automation, and secure processing. 

FLEETCOR’s suite of E-payables solutions helps companies save time, cut costs, and manage B2B payment processing more efficiently, whether domestic or global. We do this using a single payment platform for all business needs.

 In addition to the corporate cards above, FLEETCOR corporate payments solutions include:

  • Accounts payable automation to enhance control and improve operational efficiency through digitized payment processing
  • Virtual cards, which provide a single-use card number for a specific amount usable within a defined timeframe
  • Cross-border payments, for paying international suppliers, foreign offices, and personnel
  • Currency exchange and risk management solutions to assist with currency exchange and settlement needs when making cross-border payments
  • Purchasing cards for travel and entertainment expenses
  • Bill pay services, especially for municipalities and small businesses
  • Expense tracking services, with full integration into corporate card programs
  • An entire suite of on-road cards and payment apps under the Comdata umbrella, designed to support OTR and trucking fleets and their drivers in managing and transferring their funds
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