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The smarter way to pay. Our full suite of solutions—ranging from corporate payment cards to domestic and international payment automation—empowers companies to reduce back-end complexities and scale. Our commercial card and expense management solutions help teams simplify their card programs, optimize their rebates, and easily track expenses. 

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Learn how Corpay can help with Corporate Payment Solutions through their contract with OMNIA Partners, Private Sector. Contact us below.

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Manage Your Payments More Easily & Cost-Effectively

Easily execute all payments in a single workflow: Make virtual card, check, ACH, and international payments in a single payment run.

Simplify the reconciliation process: Reduce the time needed to reconcile your payments with our automated reporting.

Spend less time managing payments: Manage unclaimed card balances and stale-dated checks.


Outsourcing Data Management and Vendor Support Tasks

Reduce AP costs: Push as many transactions to virtual card or ACH means even fewer checks and less printing and postage.

Maintain control and mitigate payment risk and liability: Customizable approval workflows allow you to control what gets paid and when, while Corpay Payment Automation assumes responsibility for payment fraud risk for qualified payments.

Manage domestic and international payments: Pay international suppliers across 170 countries in 140 currencies through the same simple process as domestic payments.

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