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We are committed to elevating the quality of air in homes, businesses, and public spaces. As a global leader in HVAC&R applications, we strive to leverage the insights and innovations of Daikin worldwide to create better indoor environments across North America. Our combined focus on air conditioning, fluorochemicals, and filters helps us innovate in ways to advance the health and comfort of people and spaces across the globe, and we continue to push innovation within these categories with our wide offering of products and services.

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Available through OMNIA Partners, Daikin offers solutions and services for HVAC equipment and systems to participating nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits can secure deep discounts and save valuable time when they partner with a cooperative, giving them the opportunity to focus on their mission and goals. Contact us below to learn how OMNIA Partners and Daikin can provide a unique solution for your facilities' HVAC needs.

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Advanced Technology, Innovation & Expertise

Daikin prioritizes turnkey solutions to match your project deadline, service by experts who are always ready to help, and innovative products using advanced controls. When you partner with Daikin through OMNIA Partners, you gain exclusive access to:

  • Repair and start-up services to ensure your HVAC system is working reliably, and a team of experts you can always count on
  • Turnkey solutions for HVAC system replacements to ensure your project runs smoothly and start up matches your schedule
  • Advanced HVAC technology that delivers total building efficiency
  • Tailored and flexible maintenance agreement
  • Internet of Things connectivity: 24/7 worldwide access from any device with our Intelligent Equipment® platform
  • Proven performance with our award-winning HVAC systems

HVAC: The Lifeline of Your Facility's Systems

Efficient operation is critical to protect your HVAC investment and occupant comfort. You can’t afford to run obsolete systems that aren’t energy efficient; it’s a drain on your building operations and bottom line. Is it time to upgrade your underperforming systems and controls? Daikin offers complete solutions from start to finish including overseeing the construction management to ensure proper installation, and that building codes are followed with safety as the highest priority.

During the start-up process, owners receive instructions on proper operation and care of their HVAC system from Daikin’s factory-trained technicians. Our skilled technicians perform system start-up, using pre-start checks and parameter checks after the equipment is running.

Daikin Intelligent Air Assessment

Daikin is a global HVAC solution provider with high-class products, industry-leading performance, energy efficiency, customization, and a trusted high-service program.  Daikin provides air assessment services to identify gaps between present facility usage and expected conditions and propose executable recommendations to improve air parameters and sustain it as expected.

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