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OMNIA Partners and Datum Tech, Inc. together can activate your target audience and solve real-world problems. Datum Tech Inc. (Datum) is a full-scale cutting-edge advertisement and microtargeting data company in Austin, TX. Datum's outreach extends into the marketing, political, public, interstate travel/mobility, and human resources sectors. Datum builds stronger communities by connecting concise information through the client's lens.

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Datumworks with education and government institutions to reach and achieve the most challenging communication and marketing needs. Connect with the Datum Team to find out how they can help unleash the potential of your business.

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Integrated Solutions for Your Most Difficult Business Challenges

Datum’s micro-targeted mobile technology reaches audiences at a household level without the need for IP addresses or cookies. We combine precise mobile device data with land survey data to ensure that we target audiences at the highest level of accuracy, serving mobile ads on any device, in any language.

Datum sorts billions of digital interactions every month to amass a data graph that large and small organizations use to solve complex problems. Datum’s mobile-first approach means we reach audiences with laser precision. No home internet? No problem. We use residential lot-level (land survey) data to find active mobile devices for your target audience. We serve ads in over 140 languages. Our team of data scientists and digital marketing experts will build, manage, and optimize your campaign, so you do not have to.

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