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Available through OMNIA Partners, Discount Two-Way Radio is a two-way radio distributor known for their superior technical and sales expertise. 

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Discount Two-Way Radio offers equipment and accessories for all major radio brands. They address all two-way communication needs. 

Discount Two-Way Radio Overview

We believe in our two-way radio products and work with industry experts to make sure our customers are getting durable, reliable products that will last for years to come. All our two-way radios for sale have the best warranty in their class and our radio accessories come with a guaranteed 1-Year warranty. From our unbeatable customer support where your calls will never go to voicemail to our award-winning radios, Discount Two-Way Radio works hard to make sure you get the right two-way radio the first time.

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Stoyan Varbanov
(310) 224-5100

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