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EPIC Business Essentials is here to offer you today's purchasing solution for all your supply needs including office products, janitorial, breakroom, furniture, promotional, technology, MRO and safety products. EPIC Business Essentials allows your organization to get what you need, save money, and support your local community - all at the same time! EPIC Business Essentials includes over 60 fully stocked warehouses across the nation and over 700 local independent dealers, including many dealers with diversity designations.

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EPIC offers over 30,000 office essentials easily accessible through OMNIA Partners.

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Who is EPIC Business Essentials?

With EPIC Business Essentials, no matter how much you spend on office essentials, no matter how many locations you have, and no matter the geographic reach of your company, we have you covered. EPIC Business Essentials provides all of the office essentials you need to run your business at a competitive price. EPIC Business Essentials goes beyond just great products and pricing. Our proven model of utilizing local independent dealers to facilitate our agreements with your business allows you to take advantage of industry-leading services and customized delivery. All while keeping the dollars you spend circulating right back in your community.

As a member-owned cooperative of hundreds of independent local suppliers of office products and services, EPIC Business Essentials can deliver the personal attention and flexibility that many of the larger suppliers simply cannot touch.

A subsidiary of Independent Suppliers Group (ISG), EPIC Business Essentials offers sales-focused programs to leverage the buying power of ISG into new growth. We secure national cooperative contracts, develop ready-for-market diversification strategies, and establish nationwide programs to take your business to the next level. EPIC Business Essentials is made up of local distributors who are women-owned, veteran-owned, and minority-owned.

On top of that diversity, 90% of our members are small businesses, 1% Service-Disabled, and 6% HUB Zone. As a community-driven organization, we understand the importance of supporting local businesses. Our members are made up of small business owners who are the backbone of our community, and we believe it's crucial to support them in any way we can. By sharing information about local businesses and encouraging others to shop locally, we can all come together to help our community thrive.

We work hard supplying office products, technology, furniture, Jan/San, promotional products, and break room items that businesses in our community need to operate efficiently and productively every day. Unlike most of our competitors, we are a locally-owned and operated company. Buying locally creates more job opportunities, more diverse businesses, increased involvement in local activities, and economic growth for the community. By supporting local businesses, we can help create jobs, reduce our carbon footprint, and ensure that our neighborhoods remain vibrant and thriving.

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When you work with your local dealer, you are utilizing a comprehensive nationwide distribution and purchasing network, with the local independent company who knows your business and the community they serve.

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