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Fischer Identity, available through OMNA Partners, is a provider of enterprise grade Identity Governance & Administration (“IGA”) solutions. Fischer’s IGA solution includes lifecycle management (with automated provisioning / de-provisioning), access governance, compliance assessment with reconciliation and certification. Fischer also provides Access Management solutions with password management, single-sign on, authorization and authentication solutions including multi-factor authentication support.

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Fischer Identity’s offerings are available on a national cooperative contract through OMNIA Partners. By utilizing this valuable program non-profits can leverage OMNIA Partners volume for greater discounts and value adds.

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Fischer Identity - An Industry Leader in IGA Solutions

  • Offers flexible deployment models tailored to client size, requirements, and budget, ensuring flexibility and scalibility.
  • Effectively resolves a variety of business challenges, leading to heightened productivity and an enhanced user experience. 
  • Adopts a modular approach, allowing organizations to quickly begin achieving results around their most critical business and IAM roadmap requirements. 
  • Enhances the efficiency of handling access requests through robust and easily configurable policy-based approval and denial processes, ensuring users receive the right access at the right time. 
  • Addresses concerns related to audits and compliance issues, promoting regulatory adherence and risk mitigation. 
  • Reduces the burden on the help desk by providing an intuitive, self-service user interface for password resets, leading to cost savings associated with password reset calls. 
  • Achieves business continuity and eliminates risks associated with manual proesses by securely and reliably automating user onboarding, changes, and offboarding processes. 
  • Offers a cutting-edge enterprise-grade Identity Governance and Administration solution that is adaptable to even the most complex business and IAM requirements and can evolve over time, consistently delivering business value. 

Sally's Story

Watch the video series "Sally's Story," and follow Sally's journey as she decides to continue her studies at her favorite university, University of Knowledge, and discover how Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) was a vitally important aspect that played a significant role throughout her higher education experience. IGA contributed to the University of Knowledge and enriched Sally's journey, enabling her to transition smoothly through various roles, starting as an applicant and ultimately graduating.

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